An Integrated Approach to Building Optimum Performance

Past experience gained from numerous operations improvement assignments proved that good financial and sustainable operational performance is best achieved with effective Human Resource Development. The focus of all aspects of Human Resource Development is on developing the most superior workforce so that the organization and individual employees can accomplish their work goals.

During an operations improvement assignment, Tacmin's turnaround expertise becomes part of the owners' team, from where they assist in facilitating the process, leaving mines management to lay the foundation and manage their own turnaround – hence no restructuring or need for new management, unless required by executive management.

Best mining practices are priceless and once captured can be shared and made available instantly throughout the entire organization. Through benchmarking real-time performance against best practices, derived from first principals and international industry standard practices, forms an integral part, not only at inception but throughout the operations improvement process.

Transparency and ownership, two of the most critical ingredients in any turnaround management process, is at the core of frequent operations improvement progress meetings which encompass all facets of mine technical, mine management, mining equipment, equipment maintenance and performance management.

Thus sustainable optimal operations performance is best achieved through an integrated approach of frequently addressing all facets of mining and equipment during regular progress monitoring and reporting, and the more effort is placed on all aspects of Human Resource Development will give cause to a superior workforce where individual employees can accomplish their work goals, thereby enabling mining companies to bring their products to market quicker and more efficiently than their competitors.

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