Applying lean thinking in mining and performance improvement

Lean mining sets productive flows in motion in order to develop control systems with the aim of reducing losses throughout the mining process with its focus on the reduction and elimination of inefficiencies. The types of inefficiencies that are addressed are inefficiencies of production, time, transportation, processing itself, stock at hand, movement, and making defective products. The Lean mining approach is also defined as a production management strategy for achieving significant continuous improvement, in the performance of the total business process through elimination of inefficiencies that do not add value to the process.


Tacmin expertise has since inception during 1996 delivered consultancy and project management services to open-pit mines, worked along with executive management, mining engineers, geologists, mining contractors and mine owners of numerous multi-commodity mines across Africa in delivering mining projects on time, on-budget at optimal cost-to-client through adopting and implementing lean thinking principals in mining and performance improvement. Applying lean thinking in mining and performance improvement which features a clear set of objectives for the delivery process, aimed at maximizing performance for the customer at the project level, concurrent design, mining, and the application of project controls throughout the life cycle of the project from design to delivery.


In addition, to eliminating inefficiencies during mining processes we apply lean principles and techniques to all project management processes, including the project delivery system, production control, work structuring, design, supply chain, project controls, and overall mining project management.


In short, lean production involves constant efforts to reduce or eliminate inefficiencies starting from the design process to delivering the end-product to the customer. But it is not just about reducing inefficiencies, the principle of lean production is also about increasing speed, utilization and improving quality on top of eliminating inefficiencies. This requires work and the development of a lean culture within the workforce, which ultimately leads to added value both for the customer and the company.