Tacmin Madini International

Operational readiness, asset management & digital transformation

Tacmin Madini International    Reg. No: 1996/008398/07

Contractor to owner mining change-over support with turnkey outsourced asset management, maintenance and supply chain control

Mining project decision analysis


For more than twenty-one years we performed real time decision making, risk assessments, valuations and comparisons during mining industry related trade-off studies, bench marking, mine optimisation, operations improvement, equipment performance, mineability studies, capital and operating cost studies with the aid of Mining Project Management Software.


Mining project controls


In the context of Mine Engineering Execution Control, Tacmin’s primary focus is to assist our mining customers to extract and deliver run of mine ore at optimal cost in accordance with the specified ore grade and tonnage whilst conforming to the mine plan, production schedule and budget forecast.


Maintenance planning & scheduling that is aligned with strategic mine engineering objectives


Tacmin expertise merges two worlds of engineering during asset performance improvement and mechanical maintenance assignments that assist our clients in making rapid, step-change improvements in operational performance. Since our maintenance planning and scheduling is integrated with mine planning, the asset performance improvement is imminent and mechanical maintenance planning and scheduling commences, once mining equipment performance was optimised.


Establish maintenance support


By combining engineering excellence with the pragmatic equipment maintenance skills of our in-service maintenance support partners, Tacmin collaborates with our customers, share our technology, our ideas and our thinking for mutual benefit and better outcomes. Every piece of equipment and component have a life cycle and needs to deliver maximum availability and be as cost efficient as possible at all times while you are staying focused on your core operation.


In-service maintenance support


At an operational management and technical level the management of physical assets necessitates the need for in-depth understanding of asset management principles and processes, enhanced by specialized technical knowledge and techniques related to aspects such as design analysis, data acquisition, condition monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics as well as finite element analysis – all within the context of asset life-cycle management.


Monitor, analyse and improve mining processes from pit-to-plant-to-port


Not only is our ultimate goal to let your mining operation achieve efficiencies near or similar to autonomous mining, but to deliver this at a fraction of the cost associated with autonomy and should this be viable, pave the way to phase in autonomous solutions through cost savings realised.


Optimise mine operations


Performance benchmark modelling, project life-cycle modeling decision-making, mineability & mine readiness reviews, mine engineering execution controls, mining project controls & progress tracking, mine equipment allocations, Opex and maintenance.


Optimise equipment performance


Mining equipment life-cycle modeling, project life-cycle modeling decision-making, real-time monitoring and control of your fleet, detect mechanical and preventative maintenance, notification of dangerous and aggressive driving, driver mechanical and technical behaviour.


Optimise pit-to-port supply chain


Supply chain strategic planning, supply chain plan optimization, supply chain capacity scheduling, supply chain operational scheduling, material source – supply chain capacity reconciliation, pit-to-port life-cycle modeling.