Electric rope shovels vs hydraulic excavators (double-sided loading)


(Real-time decision-making, risk assessments, valuations and comparisons that are typically associated with trade-off studies, benchmarking, mine optimisation, operations improvement, Life of Mine studies, equipment performance, capital and operating costs studies, with the aid of project lifecycle mine models compiled with Mining Project Management Software).

This model was originally developed for one of the majors during a capital recommendation study which compared Electric rope shovels with Hydraulic excavators in open-pit coal mining operations.

Client-specific requirements

●  Technical considerations, machine operation, digging and loading methods, productivity, commercial (opex, capex, unit costs), environmental impact, geology and deposit characterisation.

Additional requirements

●  Double-sided loading benefits, MARC and owner maintenance cost comparisons, trucking requirements - as per the existing fleet, unit costs (load & haul)

●  Selected shovel option cost model to be integrated into the Client's 5-year mine plan and production schedule for the purposes of implementation and project controls.

Data input and results

●  Geological models, mine engineering and designs, production schedules, existing equipment employed.

●  OEM: Equipment capital, lifecycle costing and MARC costs.

●  Results imported into Client's financial model.

●  Results applied for board recommendations.

●  Production schedules, budget forecasts.

●  Double-sided loading costs, methods, designs.


●  Operating temperatures, ground pressures, machine weight, power selection.

●  Bench heights, material layer digging, selective digging, drilling and blasting requirements.

●  Loading cycle times, debris removal, reach, pit floors, rock handling.

●  Maintenance costs, component replacement, ease of maintenance.

●  Capital costs, unit costs, machine life, fuel costs.

●  Process procedures, double-sided loading.

●  Mining project implementation model (project control purposes)


●  Project lifecycle - 15 years.

●  Tacmin assistance – recommendations, mine designs, project implementation.

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