Following 21 years of serving the open-pit mining industry of Africa, Tacmin Madini opened an office in Perth to serve mining customers in WA.

WHAT DO WE OFFER - Mining Project Services

Our purpose is to assist mining companies with the planning, development, implementation and support of those Mining Projects that will give cause to optimized improved mining operations and where construction is required to assist with on-time and below budget completion.


Real-time decision-making, risk assessments, valuations and comparisons that are typically associated with trade-off studies, bench-marking, mine optimization, operations improvement, Life of Mine studies, equipment performance, capital and operating costs studies, with the aid of project life-cycle mine models compiled with Mining Project Management Software.


During Mining Project Execution and as part of the owner's team, assist management with the implementation, execution and project controls with the aid of Construction Project Management software, and where required serve as an adviser and technical consultant to ensure smooth running and execution of mining projects that give cause to optimized improved mine operations.


Consultancy in mine engineering, mining equipment, construction and project management, during or after mining project services delivery as well as training in project life-cycle modelling, inclusive but not limited to maintenance of mining project life cycle models.

Tacmin Madini Australia - Unit 9 / 47 Monash Avenue / Como / Perth / Western Australia

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