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How To Analyse & Improve Your Mining Performance

Based upon experience gained since 1996 during more than 50 operations improvement assignments from multi-commodity mines across Africa, has highlighted that substantial improvement to owner or contract mining performance can be realized if and when;


Practical mine designs

●  Constitute the most critical part, and if done properly will kick-start the road to improved performance.


Mineability assessment


●  Mine plans and designs are analysed for mine readiness and reconciled against equipment capability before implementation.


Cost estimation & controls


●  Estimating is a substantial component of benchmarking, and mining project controls should flow from the analysis, benchmarking, pre-tender to post-tender mining project management.


Integrated mining & maintenance


●  When Life Cycle Cost estimates of equipment allocated to mine production schedules are integrated into maintenance planning and scheduling you generate a robust planning, management and control system.


Integrated asset life-cycle management


●  A maintenance enterprise management system that provides industry-aligned links to cost estimation and procurement creates a platform for continuous improvement in your mining cycle.


Amendments to contract agreements


●  Unit rate bills of quantities and equipment requirements as derived at tender stage, should periodically be adjusted such that contract agreements always reflect the latest changes to designs, production schedules and mining circumstances.


Viability of maintenance agreements


●  Unless analysed in the context of mine engineering objectives, Clients may pay a larger sum of money than the actual maintenance costs or alternatively, the service providers may be required to spend an excess amount of money.


Pit-to-port supply chain optimisation


●  Material handling processes are tracked and analysed for real-time performance along the supply chain with immediate access to predictive analytics and actionable insights - Centralised fleet management & supply chain optimisation.


The writer brings multiple years of construction experience in civil infrastructure and open-pit contract mining and is the founding partner of Tacmin Madini a mining project management consultancy with extensive experience in project and construction management from initial conception through to final close-out of projects, and beyond.