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Tacmin Madini International    Reg. No: 1996/008398/07

Integrated design-to-pit-to-export optimisation

Tacmin Visualisation Intelligence System - TacVIS

●  Do you want to see where the delays and inefficiencies are in your mine from raw material to final product?

●  Do you have many sophisticated systems that provide focused data around your processes?


TacVIS (Tacmin’s Visualisation Intelligence System) identifies operational inefficiencies through trend analysis and artificial intelligence. This enables preventative quality alerts (in line with TQM), production auditing and improved SHEQ compliance. The results are a leaner production process, better capacity planning and monitoring, increased production and overall cost savings.


INPUTS: CCTV, Access control, Parking Management, People counting, Facial recognition, Heat mapping, Vehicle tracking, ERP systems, CRM systems, Payroll systems, Mood recognition, Reporting tools, Control room, Background music, Pabx, OS Software, Digital signage, Room booking.


INSIGHTS: Reports, Dashboards, Scoreboards, Ad hoc enquiries, Operational and real-time BI, Reporting KPI’s, Trends.


INTELLIGENCE: Statistical and quantitative analysis, Optimisation identification, Efficiency measurements, Data mining, Predictive and intuitive outcomes, Multi-variate testing, Big data analytics.


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