Mine engineering execution control

Currently, there are no standard procedures that would sufficiently cover all the multiple-criteria requirements along with a breakdown into the control of mine engineering execution. However, Tacmin's mining construction management system provides for the entire foundation of control, compliance, efficiency and cost using the Clients' mine engineering as the basis. Through an integration of sound asset life-cycle operating and maintenance construction principals into mine engineering, our reliable fail-proof process enables us to analyse and detect any resource or operating component that is not optimized.

Mine operations management system

In the context of Mine Engineering Execution Control, Tacmin’s primary focus is to assist our mining customers to extract and deliver run of mine ore at optimal cost in accordance with the specified ore grade and tonnage whilst conforming to the mine plan, production schedule and budget forecast.


Unlike several project management software or solution providers, Tacmin’s mining expertise has accumulated considerable experience in areas of

mine engineering, mining equipment, construction and project management, and once Tacmin’s mining construction management services were assigned, our Clients need to look no further if additional support in these areas were required.


Using only the design, plan, production schedule and equipment employed as primary input into our mine operations management, we add value to every stage of the mine life-cycle in delivery of the built environment. From the first estimate to the final account, our mining construction management system's complete cost and enterprise management solution work seamlessly to provide arguably the most powerful and innovative solution to meet your business needs.