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Asset, production and safety integrity management

The management of physical assets such as equipment, process plants, machinery and vehicles, focuses at a strategic level on establishing, operating and maintaining an asset portfolio that is aligned with the organisation’s strategic objectives, within the context of the regulatory and broader organisational environment. At an operational management and technical level this necessitates the need for in-depth understanding of asset management principles and processes.

As an outsourced Integrated Remote Operations Control Centre (IROC) controller, we take responsibility for working closely with your technical and operational teams ensuring the execution of the daily plan whilst aligning with your charter values.

Business intelligence systems installation and setup

Trying to understand what information an open-pit mining business has can be challenging because information systems collect and process a vast amount of data in various forms. To flow in the running stream of rapidly changing, increasingly competitive global market scenario and increasingly volatile consumer and market behaviour, management need to analyse accurate and timely information about operations, performance and mine engineering using familiar business terms, in order to gain analytical insight into business problems and opportunities.

IROC design and installation

In collaboration with our partner Questek, we provide the complete spectrum of visualisation solutions, allowing you to choose the correct technology for your environment and business application. Questek’s team of experts will match your unique requirements and budget with the technology that best suits the project. Our partner Questek Advanced Technologies has been leading the way in control room installations in Southern Africa since 1989. 

Traffic surveillance

iTraffic provides a Traffic Management Centre with the ability to fully integrate visualization sub-systems into their Traffic Management Systems to allow for flexible display solutions, enhanced performance and quality, cost and space savings, and external management of the visualization sub-system by higher level traffic Management Systems via Application Programming Interfaces (API’s).

Security monitoring

A true surveillance environment is designed to provide real time collaborative work experience for monitoring, response dispatching/co-ordination, access/flow control, recording and overall systems control for 24/7 operations. In collaboration with our partner we are able to offer solutions which are tailored to optimally facilitate these functionalities and make your surveillance environment more efficient for both small and large or complex surveillance centres.

Lifelike simulations

iStudio is currently the most advanced all-in-one solution for managed monitoring. It consists of a high-quality display with rear-screen projection, a graphic controller, and Web-based operating software. One projection module is capable of simultaneously displaying multiple analog and digital video, embedded audio and computer images. Two or more modules can be combined into a huge display wall to monitor hundreds of signals. iStudio acts as a single point of control and includes advanced warning capabilities.

End-to-end custom solution 

●  Real-time monitoring and control of mining fleet,

●  Monitor operational performance, apply agreed work processes and identify variation,

●  Assess compliance with control operational benchmarks and reduce variance,

●  Collaborate across teams to design and implement improvement initiatives,

●  Participate in the investigation of reported safety and productivity events,

●  Provide input to improvements needed for control systems and processes,

●  365 days per annum, operation of control centre on an even time roster, consisting of rotating day and night 12.5 hour shifts.

Technical, management & sustainable solutions for open-pit mines