Operations improvement turnaround process optimised

During our ongoing drive to create products and a culture that's focused on the customer, our turnaround team embarked on an assessment of factors most challenging to turnaround assignments, in anticipation to develop a solution that prevents turnarounds from not turning.


Video-enhanced turnaround management


With video portals, it is possible to instantly capture and support all progress during a turnaround project. With information at your fingertips, video helps deliver self-service, anytime access to progress that keeps everyone informed and engaged. And, using video as our turnaround management platform, ensures that management is always prepared to effectively and efficiently address and implement all agreed actions.


Rapid and real-time turnaround


Critical to all operations improvement turnaround projects is the speed at which turnaround or improvements needs to take place. Emergency management is key to short-term survivability and ownership by all team members throughout the entire turnaround process guarantees a fast and effective outcome. Needless to say that with video-enhanced turnaround management, every process, action, requirement, and achievement is captured and visible to all.


Transparency, history and sustainability


Transparency and ownership, two of the most critical ingredients in any turnaround management process. Video-enhanced turnaround management contains both, added to which video portals become the organization’s library to best practices, procedures followed and actions taken during operations improvement initiatives. Long after recovery or return to profitability, video platforms continue to form an integral part of your organization. 


Best practices shared throughout


Best practices are priceless and once captured can be shared and made available instantly throughout the entire organization. This process can be captured on one mine and shared within the group on several mines simultaneously, all of which can be self-recorded or captured, transformed, seamlessly managed and shared through the cloud by our expertise. Watching the video, we will leave it up to you!


Improved teamwork


According to IDC, the average knowledge worker spends 15% to 30% of their time just looking for information. That’s a serious productivity cost with potentially far-reaching consequences, and companies are feeling the impact: Eighty-six percent of respondents in a Fierce Inc. survey blamed workplace failures on lack of collaboration or ineffective communication. With video enhanced turnaround management everyone is up to date with progress and informed which create a sense of belonging and promotes teamwork.


Innovation realised


Video-enhanced operations improvement management helps organizations by raising awareness of the issues destined to give cause to less optimised practices. It generates new insights by bringing together employees and management from all departments to challenge entrenched thinking, shift perceptions and help catalyze change. Personnel asks better questions about trends and other disruptive forces impacting operational performance, so we can tease out more creative answers and help organizations seize the upside of disruption.


Skills enhancement


Investing in the growth and development of people is an effective strategy for organizations to deal with the shortage of skilled and effective people in their organization. Whether you’re interested in enhancing the professional skills or improving the communication techniques of the people in your organization, video platform adaptive skills training and development enhance operations improvement initiatives. Training is highly interactive and is focused on teaching new skills and improving existing skills.


Disruptions eliminated


Disruptions are caused by poor quality, equipment breakdowns, changes to the schedule, all of which have a negative influence on operations by upsetting the smooth flow of activities and they should be eliminated. Video-enhanced operations improvement initiatives sniff out disruptions and factors which negatively impacts on performance. All of which can be contributed to improved teamwork, innovation, and skills enhancement through an effective video platform improvement program.

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