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Optimise and make your MARC (maintenance and repair contract) more effective



Tacmin’s core expertise has not only managed but studied, analysed and advised customers in all aspects of mobile earth-moving construction and open-pit mining equipment ranging from the smallest to top-end size since 1982. Initially in all aspects of asset management and maintenance as earth-moving and mining contractor, and then as advisor in a diverse range of mining applications.


Not only has mining customers through the nature of assignments afforded, recognised our capability and knowledge of mobile mining equipment and application, Tacmin has developed a fail-safe process that strikes an unique balance between mine engineering and mobile equipment engineering that makes it possible to create a cycle of continuous improvement in your mine’s performance.


MARC costs


Mining equipment is normally best maintained or serviced by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) or third party experts. Estimation of costs for maintenance contracts is a complex process and it is important for both the Client and the service providers to test the economic viability thereof. Clients may pay a larger sum of money than the actual maintenance costs or alternatively, the service providers may be required to spend an excess amount of money because of unreliable system performance. This occurs when the reliability of the maintenance cost parameters have not been modeled properly.


Bench-marking and reconciliation


Besides the experience that core expertise has gained in the true cost of owning and operating of equipment and mining, since 1996 Tacmin has developed a recordable track of the results obtained during operations improvement assignments. Whether the assignments were of contract or owner mining nature, in every instance Tacmin has conducted equipment life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA's), bench-marking and reconciliation of equipment maintenance costs for periods varying from short to long-term mine plans and budgets.


MARC optimisation


Currently, there are no standard procedures that would sufficiently cover all the multiple-criteria requirements along with a breakdown into the preliminary and main assessment of maintenance contracts. However, at Tacmin the entire foundation required was created, such as definitions of requirements to an assessment method, selection and accurate description of the various assessment criteria and classification of the target system for typical maintenance cost problems.

Based on the aforesaid studies, cost-utility analysis and the analytical-hierarchy process carried out on every mining assignment by Tacmin since 1996, were selected from multiple procedures and examined in detail. Merging these procedures or connecting them with a single-criteria method, may turn out to be a reasonable and constitute an appropriate process.


Should you require any assistance with the optimisation of your maintenance contract contact us.