Tacmin Madini International

Operational readiness, asset management & digital transformation

Tacmin Madini International    Reg. No: 1996/008398/07

Paving the way for autonomous mining solutions

“There are thousands of mine sites that do not and would not automate because of logistics, costs, extractive and complex orebody nature and they will continue to follow conventional operator/driver mining methods with increased pressure to improve performance of which benchmark is set by autonomous mining methods.”


What is our main objective?


Not only is our ultimate goal to let your mining operation achieve efficiencies near or similar to autonomous mining, but to deliver this at a fraction of the cost associated with autonomy and should this be viable, pave the way to phase in autonomous solutions through cost savings realised.


How do we do this?


●  Mining project decisions & execution control with the aid of project life-cycle modeling.

●  Equipment performance optimisation with the aid of real-time fleet monitoring systems.

●  Maintenance planning & scheduling that is aligned with strategic mine engineering objectives.

●  Fleet tracking, maintenance control, preventative maintenance, driver behaviour & skills analysis.

●  Pit to port mine logistics optimisation with the aid of audio-visual and IROC solutions.


What we can do for you?


●  Performance benchmarking and scalable improvement solutions that optimise pit to port supply chains.

●  Above industry standard conformance to the design, plan, schedule, mining cost and budget forecast.

●  Optimised equipment control & performance, improved safety, preventative maintenance at optimal operating cost.

●  Pit to port mine logistics optimisation of utility and process control, security, equipment monitoring or asset management.


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