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Reg. No: 1996/008398/07

Project ready models for best practice mining

After decades of delivering and refinement of mine models that integrate all leading mining, engineering and accounting software commonly used by miners, contractors and consultants, using Mining Project Management Software and supplemented by Tacmin’s vast knowledge of mine operations, geology, mine engineering and construction, Tacmin became sought after for their project ready mine models, all of which have successfully been implemented, managed and controlled by Tacmin. 

As we continue to generate mine models for our customers comprising of vast databases of resources that interface with the Clients geological models, mine engineering and planning, for a variety of commodities which provide solutions to complex open-pit mining challenges, Tacmin now offers the mining industry a range of tried and tested project ready mine models, which upon modification to customer requirements, will be ready for implementation with support from our mining expertise.

Project life cycle mine models

Owner versus contract mining model | Shadow bid (zero profit margin) model | Owner mining first principal model | Autonomous versus operator model | Operations improvement model | Mine equipment capital recommendation model | OEM selection & maintenance comparison model | Contract miner procurement model | Mining contractor management model | Contract mining improvement model.