Business Partners

Business Partners

Mine readiness, asset management & digital transformation

Business partnerships 

Tacmin Madini Australia is a mining project management consultancy that offers unmatched expertise and resources in delivering mining project services to the Australia mining industries. We provide extensive experience in mine operational efficiency and performance improvement, mining project and construction management from initial conception through final close-out of projects, and beyond.

Located in Ottawa, Canada, ThreeDify (“THREE – DEE – IF – EYE”) is an innovative mining software company. We develop leading-edge mining software solutions for 3D geological modelling, mine planning, design and scheduling, as well as open pit mine or underground stope optimisation. With a suite of creative and easy-to-use products, ThreeDify offers highly efficient, scalable and cost-effective solutions to the increasingly complex geological modelling, mine optimisation and planning challenges.

Easy-to-use and flexible software solution covering every stage of mining. NETCAD’s NETPRO/Mine offers practical tools for exploration, ore body modeling, geostatistics, resource estimation, underground mining, open-pit mining, optimisation and workflow automation. NETPRO/Mine’s affordable high-end functionality, extensive post-sales support via technical and academic teams, continuous training and proven technology fuel our users’ daily operations, empower them to exceed their strategic and operational goals. NETPRO/Mine provides functions to address all requirements of mining engineers, geologists, surveyors and academicians. Multilingual support ensures global companies to enable users from all around the world.

IPACS - Asset management hardware & software technology

IPACS Australia are leaders in the collection, monitoring and reporting of real-time asset performance in industries including healthcare, mining and resources, defence, energy and manufacturing. We provide secure, reliable and low-cost collection and transmission of remote sensor data – across any enterprise and from anywhere in the world. Our suite of technologies – which include IT infrastructure management, asset data management, analytics and dashboards – provide real-time feedback on the performance of critical assets, wherever they are located. We analyse data and provide reports in clear, easily understood formats, enabling organisations to make informed and timely decisions.