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Business platforms

TacminMadini has an established track record of applying business solutions in scenarios where the responsibilities of specific roles span the boundaries of multiple functional mining departments or multiple life cycle stages of processes. Decades of business solutions that have been developed and applied to solve complex operational challenges on numerous mining applications have now given us the edge to design, develop, deploy and manage Business Platforms for our customers. This provides executive management, stakeholders, operational management and program managers with visibility into engineering, procurement, mining and supply chain progress, as well as the ability to define and execute corrective and proactive actions during development, launch, service, and end of life. The features of Tacmin's Business Platforms, and Solutions range widely.

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The coverage of solution type on this site is limited to certain business solutions which we are in the process of being developed into site specific Business Platforms for some of our customers.

An Estimating, Planning & Project Control Solution that links mine engineering with mining resources that analyse and optimise mine plan conformance, resource performance and mining cost – the ultimate mining & asset performance improvement solution.

Procurement to the tune of several hundred million US Dollars worth of assets and contractors, inclusive of the drafting of commercial agreements for logistically challenging and remote projects for mines in Africa, South-America, CIS countries and Australia.

IoT is an additional layer of information, interaction, transaction and action which is added to the Internet thanks to devices, equipped with data sensing, analysis and communication capabilities, using Internet technologies. The Internet of Things further bridges digital and physical realities and powers information-driven automation and improvements on the level of business, society and people’s lives.

One centralized custom-made LOM platform configured according to industry standards and customer-specific that stores all LOM data in one place. Quick look-up tables that contain annual input and output results for ease of comparison and LOM study report with indexes, headings and sub-headings that only requires content and results. 

The mining industry has overcome many challenges with the help of technology, but technology alone will not be enough in the future. So, while having a technical production process that is at the forefront is one the most important conditions for the future, having a competent workforce that can handle the technology is another but equally important condition.