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     Operational readiness, digital transformation & asset management

Collaborative mining contract

Collaborative contract mining

Due to the considerable progress in the ever-changing world of digitally assisted connected mines and internet of things enhanced technology, now more than before, mining Clients seek increased involvement in contractor mining applications. Decades of experience gained in project cost modelling, procurement, drafting of commercial agreements, operations improvement, contractor and asset management, have presented our expertise with a unique capability that satisfies all the criteria applicable to effective collaborative contracting practices.

Embark upon your digitally transformed connected mine

through converting a conventional unit rate to asset management based contract. 

Converting the unit rate to a digitally transformed asset management contract offers total transparency of the breakdown in operating costs, such as repairs & maintenance, lubricants, tyres, components, GET's with operational manpower, etc. Upon completion contains all the elements of an owner-operator application. 

Through a detailed stepped approach, our consultants use live data from the Client, simulate the mine site conditions and execute integrated dynamic cost modelling for decision-making. This first step in the process demonstrates to the Client the considerable cost-savings and benefits associated with the asset management contract. 

By way of demonstrating to the Parties that no value is lost through the conversion of the unit rate to the asset management cost model, the focus is placed on optimising the asset management (similar to owner-mining) mining model. Once achieved, paves the way for a project-specific collaborative commercial contract agreement. 




  1. Generate matching project resource data base - digital twin cost model.

  2. Compile cost estimates of contractor's resources and price Bill of Quantities.
  3. Switch from unit rate to asset rate, compare against tender and execute decision analysis.
  1. Unit rate versus asset contract value comparison. Optimise asset management model.

  2. Draft client-contractor specific Collaborative contract agreement.
  3. Exercise operational readiness checks, finalise project plan & implementation strategy.
  1. Digital transformation roadmap, analysis and cost estimates.

  2. Supply, Implement & configure IoT for mining process control and operations.
  3. Contractor based asset management execution of commercial management.

"We generate the database and continued updates which you access via the cloud and manage your project with MRMS "


Powered by Amazon Work Spaces

MRMS is an online highly customisable, fully managed, secure “Desktop-as-a-Service” Solution, powered by Amazon WorkSpaces. The solution allows for single & multi-User and QTO (2D & 3D – Navisworks) to be deployed online and accessed from any location around the world.


Satisfies the following critical requirements

#  Data security & protection by AWS.

#  Scalable, grows with your organisation.

#  No special hardware required.

#  Centralised databases.

#  Multi-platform accessibility.

#  GDPR Compliance Data Centers and Infrastructure.


Benefits of MRMS cloud at a glance

#  Multi-User any location globally 

#  You are in control of your passwords

#  All project data in one online, centralised database.

#  Data security - only your organisation has access to your data.

#  Ability to easily share information.


For more detail and a demo  e-mail or  Sarel Blaauw +61 498 785 165