A complete solution

Mine readiness, asset management & digital transformation

Continuous improvement

Perform digital transformation

Digitalisation cost and strategy

Scoping & maturity assessment

Mining resource management

Mobile equipment maintenance

Mining contractor management

Technical & operational reviews

Analysis, decision & benchmarks

Mine Readiness Management System







Enhanced business process solution provider

●  Tacmin Madini, since 1996 has worked with owner teams of numerous international blue-chip mining companies, applied and enhanced business processes which invariably gave cause to sustainable cost, production, efficiency and safety improvements.

●  Given the repeated success, during 2015 Tacmin’s core expertise embarked upon an analysis of the processes followed in anticipation to develop systems which can enhance the mining processes that are standard to the global mining industry.

●  In addition to the abovesaid business process, in anticipation to make provision for the latest technology on the market, Tacmin reviewed and enhanced their Business Management Process to cater for digital transformation.

●  Due to an ever-increasing demand for Tacmin’s BMP by mine owners, civil and mining contractors, mining consultants and project managers, Tacmin modified it’s business processes with Cloud and IoT capability solutions to allow real-time global access.

●  Abovesaid which now makes it possible for several service providers to benefit from and add similar value to their mining customers as Tacmin, irrespective of the logistics of the mining operations.​​​​​​​

Business process system features

Plan & prepare


Technical & operational reviews

Analysis, decisions & benchmarks

Mine Readiness Management System

Construction project management software


Estimating, project control, cost & enterprise management software.

Activity-based project controls


Lean project controls using activity-based costing (ABC) system.

Performance benchmarking and progress controls


Excellent volume and budget forecast conformance controls.

Switch between activities and resources, analyse & optimise


Construction or mine production schedules linked to simple & complex resources required to execute.

Compatible with multiple enterprise scheduling


Integrate into any activity schedule with powerful progress monitoring, controls & activity rebasing.

Unlimited project decision and risk analysis


Built-in zero-based budgeting, activity-based costing (ABC) and trade-off analysis.



Founded upon a proven track record as the ideal catalyst to kick-start an organization's road to recovery,  based upon two decades of experience in all aspects of open-pit mining with the aid of Tacmin's business performance improvement system has enabled us to develop a well-established decision analysis process integrated into the overall project.




Following numerous 3-5 year, EPCM and PMC assignments on more than 52 projects across Africa and further driven by our visions and values as well as the lack of contract mining alternatives, by 2010 Tacmin has organically grown to cater for all aspects relating to engineering, management, construction and optimisation of open-pit mines.




Our partnership programs are comprehensive. Following many years of project life-cycle system development and real-time application has made it possible for us to analyse, identify and resolve less optimal mining practices. Through lean-mining and continuous improvement and digital transformation, we optimise and improve from design-to-pit-export.

Manage & optimise


Mining resource management

Mobile equipment maintenance

Mining contractor management

Web based / Cloud solution allowing real time global access


Can be deployed online and accessed from any location around the world.

Unmatched link between mine engineering and asset management


Complete LCC breakdown of all assets linked to mining activities, mine optimisation through asset optimisation. 

Equipment monitoring, inventory management and predictive analytics


Asset lifecycle management with Job Cards issued to specific Plant Items in order to monitor costs.

Multi-location, multi-currency and multi-organisational enabled


One source of the truth enabling you to manage the complete construction process & lifecycle.

Benchmarking that lead to superior performance


OEM designed performance capability based upon actual mine site conditions.

Measurement, valuations, escalation, retention, cashflows, subcontractors


From quantity take-off, pricing and planning a project, controlling at site level, through to the final certificate.


Mining technical

●  Mining studies

●  Project controls

●  Mine engineering

●  Business intelligence

●  Operations improvement

Construction management

●  Contractor management

●  Benchmarking & project analysis

●  Mineability reviews

●  Dispute & claims resolutions

●  Operations improvement

Asset management

●  Equipment studies

●  Asset management

●  Asset performance improvement

●  Maintenance reviews & audits

●  In-service maintenance

Project management

●  Enquiries & procurement

●  Project delivery

●  Contract / mining readiness

●  Client’s representative

●  Contract agreements

Transform & improve


Scoping & maturity assessment

Digitalisation cost and strategy

Perform digital transformation

Drive productivity, costs and safety improvements


Over two decades we have learned what it takes to actually transform performance in an operation.

Preceded by mine readiness and asset performance improvement


Continuous improvement from design-pit-plant-product. Digital transformation ready.

Digitalisation cost, analysis and strategy


Software linked and integrated into mine readiness and asset management systems.

Digitalisation consultancy support


Step-by-step support through the digital transformation of your mining operations.

KPI’s & tracking of optimal processes during transformation


Final phase of productivity, cost and safety improvements.

Digital transformation monitoring & maintenance

Operations & maintenance (O&M) management support - owners team.