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Costing and procurement

Cost estimation, tender enquiries & agreements


Project cost estimations

●  Cost benchmarking & resource analysis.

●  Zero profit margin project estimates.

●  Project management cost estimation.

●  Client-specific cost estimate.

●  Asset & project life cycle costing.

Tender enquiries & adjudication

●  Equipment selections & recommendations.

●  Contractor selections & site inspections.

●  Enquiry & tender documentation.

●  Tender adjudication and selections.

●  Equipment capital recommendations.

Commercial agreements

●  Commercial agreement documentation.

●  Claims and dispute resolutions.

●  Contractor dispute mediation.

●  Contractor award and appointments.

●  Commercial agreement management.


& procurement

Project cost estimations

Enquiries & adjudication

Commercial agreements

Why our clients use our services

Project cost estimations

In addition to cost estimation for civil infrastructure projects such as railroads, single and dual carriageways, earth dams, slimes dams, airports and several others, since 1996 we have generated 1210 mining cost benchmark models for international Blue Chip mining companies, with project values fetching up to US$ 5 billion, during which we simulated the Clients’ mine site conditions and imported geological and mine engineering data basis of up to 100 Gb for more than 12 different commodities - of which the annual ROM production on some exceeded 60,000,000 tons per annum. During this time we have developed and applied resource data basis with complete Life-cycle costing of more than 300 different equipment models and sizes, with hauling equipment that ranges from 25 to 380 payload tons and matching shovels of up to 45 m3 bucket capacity.

Cost benchmarking & resource analysis

Zero profit margin project estimates

Project management cost estimation

Develop client-specific cost estimate

Asset & project life cycle costing.

Technical & economic decisions to balance costs, risks and performance along assets life cycle.

Unlike most other similar consultancies, Tacmin expertise merges two worlds of engineering during asset performance improvement and mechanical maintenance assignments that assist our clients in making rapid, step-change improvements in operational performance.

Maintenance planning & scheduling that is

 aligned with strategic  engineering objectives

Tender enquiries & adjudication

Procurement to the tune of several hundred million US Dollars worth of open-pit mining contracts, inclusive of the drafting of commercial agreements in logistically challenging and remote mining areas, including but not limited to countries such as Kazakhstan, Tanzania, DRC, South Africa and others. Abovesaid procurement which is more often than not followed through by management of the commercial agreement as Clients Representative. Mobile equipment procurement assistance for owner operator applications generally kicks off with estimating mining costs and budget forecasts generated from first principals using formal OEM capital and Life Cycle Costing. OEM enquiries, for both owner maintenance and maintenance and repair contracts (MARC) using major OEM's like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebher and Hitachi are followed by mining cost modelling using formal quotations that are integrated and aligned with the Clients mine engineering and production scheduling. 

Equipment selections & recommendations.

Contractor selections & site inspections.

Enquiry & tender documentation.

Tender adjudication and selections.

 Equipment capital recommendations.

Digitally enabled asset reliability,

fleet tracking, maintenance control

conditional monitoring preventative maintenance

Collection, monitoring & reporting of real-time asset performance for static and mobile equipment.

Our unique ability to extract and analyse data, generate predictive diagnostic models and provide easy-to-understand and actionable reports that directly translate into operational efficiencies and bottom-line savings benchmarked against equipment Life-cycle models which are integrated into the engineering process.

Commercial agreements

During three decades of experience gained first as infra-structure and open-pit mining contractor, followed by asset and contractor management consultancy, has given our expertise in-depth experience in commercial contract execution, first as a contractor and then as Client's Representative responsible for the commercial management. Due to the aforesaid, our expertise has resolved millions of dollars worth of contractor-client claims and set aside dozens of disputes. Drafting of agreements in a wide variety of contract types has been exercised on multi-commodity open-pit mining contracts during which our final drafts were scrutinized by the Clients legal team. Our commercial agreements form an integral part of tender enquiry stage, enabling a rapid turn around and considerable cost savings from tender to signing of the agreement with the selected contractors.

 Commercial agreement documentation.

Claims and dispute resolutions

Contractor dispute mediation.

Contractor award and appointments.

Commercial agreement management.

Operations & maintenance (O&M) management support - owners team.

By combining engineering excellence with the pragmatic equipment maintenance skills of our in-service maintenance support partners, Tacmin collaborates with our customers, share our technology, our ideas and our thinking for mutual benefit and better outcomes.

Tacmin expertise offers proven 


project analysis & asset management solutions