Our capabilities

Consulting studies

Consulting studies

Mining project studies

●  Independent Engineers Report (IER).

●  Pre-feasibility & feasibility mining studies.

●  Operational improvement studies.

●  Audits, valuations & shadow bids.

●  LoM and reserve declarations.

Asset management studies

●  Fleet selections, production & costs.

●  Capital recommendations.

●  Equipment optimisation studies.

●  Owner versus contractor trade-offs.

●  Owner-operator mining cost estimates.

Mine engineering

●  Outsourced mining engineering.

●  Short, medium and LOM plans.

●  Front-end engineering designs.

●  Pit optimisation and scheduling.

●  Mine re-engineering optimisation.

Consulting studies

Mining project studies

Asset management studies

Mine engineering

Why our clients use our services

Mining project studies

Among our Competent Persons for technical & operational reviews is the founding and principal partner at Tacmin (Pty) Ltd. He has practised his profession continuously since 1996 with 30 years of experience in the civil infrastructure construction, asset management and open-pit minerals industry, specialising in bringing projects to account as well as optimisation. The CP’s experience covers a broad range of disciplines in construction management, engineering, planning, scheduling, costing, as well as mining, construction and project management. He has gained multiple years of experience in infrastructure construction, environmental management, engineering, production, enrichment, and mining contracting in platinum, gold, copper, cobalt, phosphates, coal, fluorspar, manganese, iron ore, vanadium and chrome. He is member of ECSA and Fellow of the AusIMM with overall responsibility for all technical due diligence, feasibility studies and project evaluations carried out by TACMIN and have 24 years of experience in those above.

Independent Engineers Report

Pre-feasibility & feasibility studies

Operational improvement studies.

Audits, valuations & shadow bids

LoM and reserve declarations

Technical & economic decisions to balance costs, risks and performance along assets life cycle.

Unlike most other similar consultancies, Tacmin expertise merges two worlds of engineering during asset performance improvement and mechanical maintenance assignments that assist our clients in making rapid, step-change improvements in operational performance.

Maintenance planning & scheduling that is

 aligned with strategic  engineering objectives

Asset management studies

Recordable track record in completing JORC Compliant reports in respect of Feasibility studies and Independent Engineers Reports (IER's) relating to mine asset evaluations, LOM and reserve declarations, mine optimisations, owner-operator versus contractor trade-off studies, equipment selections with capital recommendations and more. Given our operational improvement, asset management, procurement, contract mining and mining cost capabilities, we find that our customers are especially satisfied with the results of our studies, as these contain extensive in-depth validation. Where shareholding of mining companies comprise of more than one, we have assisted numerous public listed companies with independent opinions and recommendations, most of which were executed in terms of our findings. 

Fleet selections, production & costs

Capital recommendations

Equipment optimisation studies

Owner versus contractor trade-offs

Owner-operator mining cost estimates

Digitally enabled asset reliability,

fleet tracking, maintenance control

conditional monitoring preventative maintenance

Collection, monitoring & reporting of real-time asset performance for static and mobile equipment.

Our unique ability to extract and analyse data, generate predictive diagnostic models and provide easy-to-understand and actionable reports that directly translate into operational efficiencies and bottom-line savings benchmarked against equipment Life-cycle models which are integrated into the engineering process.

Mine engineering

Since 1996, TacminMadini has assisted many mining companies with mine engineering as part of the owner's team. From exploration planning, geological modelling, LOM studies, mine engineering, including but not limited to pit optimisations, mining cost estimation, mine designs, long, medium and short-term planning, through to rehabilitation designs and plans. In many instances, our involvement formed part of an operational improvement assignment, and often we have to re-engineer the mine as part of a turn-around strategy. Notwithstanding the nature of our participation, TacminMadini's engineering and mine plans are carefully tracked for conformance, thereby making it possible to adhere to strategic mine engineering principals.

Outsourced mining engineering

Short, medium and LOM plans

Front-end engineering designs

Pit optimisation and scheduling

Mine re-engineering optimisation

Operations & maintenance (O&M) management support - owners team.

By combining engineering excellence with the pragmatic equipment maintenance skills of our in-service maintenance support partners, Tacmin collaborates with our customers, share our technology, our ideas and our thinking for mutual benefit and better outcomes.

Tacmin expertise offers proven 


project analysis & asset management solutions