Operational readiness, asset management & digital transformation

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Mine Readiness, Asset Management, Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is done because it is going to help drive productivity, costs and safety improvements. Bringing in a new piece of software and hardware is only part of the challenge. We have learned over the last decades what it takes to actually transform performance in an operation, and it is much more than a technical solution. When we talk about digital, we are talking about the full range of innovations: technology, advanced analytics, digital, and many more techniques that can be used to drive improvements in productivity. So it is bringing this collection of technologies and opportunities to bear in our industry.

Scoping & maturity assessment

●  Define the results

●  Determine digitalisation goals

●  Examine the IT infrastructure

●  Assess the level of automation

●  Determine the level of maturity

●  From engineering to maintenance

Digitalisation cost and strategy

●  Project life-cycle analysis

●  Trade-off comparisons

●  Step-by-step roadmaps

●  Execution plan

●  Estimated costs

●  Financial analysis

Perform digital transformation

●  Optimise and Lean out the current process

●  Identify key technologies & construct talent pool

●  Define roadmap for implementation

●  Program & change management

●  Monitor and manage implementation

●  Activity scheduling and KPI tracking

Reviews & maintenance support

Scoping & maturity assessment

Digitalisation cost and strategy

Perform digital transformation


Why our clients use our services

Scoping & maturity assessment

The main challenge for organisations today is to adopt new workflows that integrate smart alerting systems, heterogeneous sources, and new actors (including social media) into their infrastructure. So, it’s crucial to have an open system that enables interoperability with new sources − today and tomorrow. We work with all relevant stakeholders to define the digitalisation results that need to be achieved. Once concluded, we examine the IT infrastructure of your operations and provide you with information about digital maturity across the entire value chain, from engineering to maintenance.

Define the results

Determine digitalisation goals

Examine the IT infrastructure

Assess the level of automation

Determine the level of maturity

From engineering to maintenance

Technical & economic decisions to balance costs, risks and performance along assets life cycle.

Unlike most other similar consultancies, Tacmin expertise merges two worlds of engineering during asset performance improvement and mechanical maintenance assignments that assist our clients in making rapid, step-change improvements in operational performance.

Maintenance planning & scheduling that is

 aligned with strategic mine engineering objectives

Digitalisation cost and strategy

Following the maturity assessment, we compile project life-cycle cost models and trade-off analysis that compare the current status quo with the potential improvement, including a roadmap with execution plan and estimated costs of the digitalisation supported by financial analysis. The ultimate goal is to obtain complete situational awareness, enhanced by sharing information among multiple secured networks. Combine this with experienced project managers that have a solid track record in practising Lean mining and Lean construction principles since 1996, and you have a win-win situation on your hands.

Project life-cycle analysis

Trade-off comparisons

Step-by-step roadmaps

Execution plan

Estimated costs

Financial analysis

Real-time monitoring and

control of your fleet,

detect mechanical and preventative maintenance

Real-time fleet tracking, eco-drive system, driver behaviour, maintenance.

Our unique ability to extract and analyse data, generate predictive diagnostic models and provide easy-to-understand and actionable reports that directly translate into operational efficiencies and bottom-line savings benchmarked against equipment Life-cycle models which are integrated into the mine engineering process.

Perform digital transformation

Our Digitalisation Consulting support assists you step-by-step through the digital transformation of your mining operations. It contains your digitalisation options as well as an investment calculation. The completion of the roadmap signals your transformation into a digitally operating mine. We also offer a solution portfolio that is based on four key elements: design, software, monitor and maintain.

Optimise and Lean out the current process

Identify key technologies & construct talent pool

Define roadmap for implementation

Program & change management

Monitor and manage implementation

Activity scheduling and KPI tracking

Operations & maintenance (O&M) management support - owners team.

By combining engineering excellence with the pragmatic equipment maintenance skills of our in-service maintenance support partners, Tacmin collaborates with our customers, share our technology, our ideas and our thinking for mutual benefit and better outcomes.

Tacmin expertise offers proven 

mine engineering, 

project analysis & asset management solutions