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Major project procurement

Major project procurement

Since 1996 we have assisted mining customers with the procurement during which we have benchmarked our tenders against zero profit margin bids and developed control budgets for mining project globally. Procurement to the tune of several hundred million US Dollars worth of assets and contractors, inclusive of the drafting of commercial agreements for logistically challenging and remote projects for mines in Africa, South-America, CIS countries and Australia.

Our procurement solution has been tried and tested on numerous projects and flows through from pre-tender to post tender project management. 

TACPROC - an estimating, planning & project control solution  




A database driven project life cycle modelling solution where the make-up of unit rates in BOQ's are linked to resource lists comprising of the smallest component and costs, thereby enabling error-free project and resource analysis through cost adjustments. 

Enquiry documentation with BOQ's that are aligned with strategic mine engineering principals which forms an integral part of commercial agreements that contains SOP's, specifications and execution control methodologies that are post tender project management ready.

OMAP is an estimating, planning & project control solution that links engineering with mining assets and resources that analyse and optimise mine plan and budget conformance, asset and resource performance, and mining cost that flows from pre-tender to post tender project management




"Since 1996 we have compiled ZBB & ABB cost models for more than 1200 projects globally, linking LCC's of more than 300 different mining machines to mine engineering activities, of which the annual ROM production on some exceeded 60,000,000 tons per annum."

Integrated technology

TacminMadini's mega project procurement services incorporate state of the art IIoT and wireless automation control solutions. Our end-to-end IoT platform helps mining companies to connect multiple devices, controllers and sensors, in a real-time manner, analyse and monitor the data, and then use the learning, to predict an outcome and finally act upon the data. This enables us to support our customers with decision making in a real-time manner, reduce equipment failure, increase safety, minimise downtime, reduce wastage, and result in end-to-end automation.

Industry 4.0 asset management

The mining industry has overcome many challenges with the help of technology, but technology alone will not be enough in the future. So, while having a technical production process that is at the forefront is one the most important conditions for the future, having a competent workforce that can handle the technology is another but equally important condition.

IIoT and wireless automation

IoT is an additional layer of information, interaction, transaction and action which is added to the Internet thanks to devices, equipped with data sensing, analysis and communication capabilities, using Internet technologies. The Internet of Things further bridges digital and physical realities and powers information-driven automation and improvements on the level of business, society and people’s lives.

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