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Project reviews & controls​​​​​​​

Tacmin’s mining project control system, is a system that:

●  defines best practices in project controls, by setting a peak policy and then minimum standards,

●  provides working procedures able to be used by study or project personnel,

●  Includes template forms and reports that are ready to use.

Unique to our mining project managers are their capability to work closely with the owners team on operating mines, validate dependable disciplines  and assist with the structuring of all dependable systems. Once the structure has been validated and reviewed for effectiveness, our mining project managers assist the owners team to assign the appropriate resources to manage the outcome of main objectives and goals.

As soon as the aforesaid review and restructuring of the process was completed, Tacmin’s mining project managers will immediately resume with project control management as an integrated member of the owners team. Although our mining project managers are all equipped with an in-house holistic system of process, platforms and tools for the control and reporting of studies and projects, during implementation the aforesaid is carefully tailored to integrate with the Clients existing controls and systems.

Tacmin’s mining project control system comprise of:

●  Cost estimating

●  Cost control

●  Planning and schedule control

●  Reporting

●  Trend and change management

The main objectives of the mining project control system is to:

●  Establish project scope and align it to the required delivery methods,

●  Manage cost and timing of the project scope,

●  Effectively report final deliverables throughout the life cycle,

●  Know what it will be, before is starts of finishes,

●  Analyse ways to increase project value, by either effective cost or time.

The benefits of the mining project control system

●  Investments align with business strategy

●  Increase probability of managing to achieve successful investments.

●  Promote progressive and proactive decision making

●  Gives a true picture of the status at any tie

●  Rigour and discipline

●  Stream lines expensive reporting process

●  Mitigate risks

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