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Mine design & planning

LoMp & reserve estimates​​​​​​​

Tacmin’s experts are among the industry’s leading practitioners and as such our LOM studies and estimates are done with careful examination and a detailed understanding of the appropriate methodologies. Moreover, Tacmin has the experience, the personnel, and the software understanding to provide a strong and dependable analysis under all conditions.

Our in-house team of specialists provides expert advice to deliver margin ranking and pit optimisation, reserve evaluation and life-of-mine planning design, mining method selection and equipment optimisation.

On turnkey contracts, we work closely with our clients to ensure the extraction process is fully integrated into the overall mine plan to optimise production and mining costs. Tacmin LoMp and reserve studies are well balanced in respect of every discipline and have been applied by several mining customers for funding of their projects.

With no detail spared, inclusive of comprehensive contractor versus owner mining comparisons, practical designs and operation ready, Tacmin’s LoM and ore reserve studies are sought after by international mining companies and have amongst others been used to raise funding by New York and London based financiers.

Front-end engineering designs​​​​​​​

Front-end engineering design involves the practice, theory, science, technology and application of extracting minerals from a naturally occurring environment by means of open-pit mining methods. Once designed, it will undergo total cost management, which is that area of engineering practice where engineering judgment and experience are used in the application of scientific principles and techniques to determine the value of implementation through sound cost engineering principles.

During the course of our turnkey contracts, our mine designs are revisited annually in accordance with the latest cost, commodity prices, recoveries and mining conditions encountered. Throughout the turnkey contract, the pit, dump and ramp criteria are constantly reviewed in accordance with the conditions encountered. All designs are executed in close collaboration with mine’s personnel.

Turnkey contracts offer rapid turn-around since engineering design and implementation go hand-in-hand. Moreover, because the customer deals with one contractor only, there is no disconnect during mine plan and design implementation.

Tacmin experts have been designing open-pit mines in virtually every commodity since 1996. Our pit, dump, ramp, haul route and rehabilitation designs are practical and with the exception of some greenfield projects, have in most cases been implemented by our customers.

Design, plan & track​​​​​​​

Tacmin Madini has an extensive track record of pit, dump, ramp and haul route designs carried out in a wide variety of rock types on multi-commodity open-pit mines involving coal, gold, manganese, PGMs, vanadium, diamonds, phosphates, chrome, copper, cobalt and iron ore.

Production schedules compiled by our engineering experts are based on practical, best NPV, realistically achievable and benchmarked against fleet productions which are derived through simulating the mine conditions in accordance with the designs and specifications of the preferred or selected equipment.

Tacmin’s short-to-medium and long-term plans have been used and implemented by numerous mining customers for more than two decades. Our mine plans are consistent with and take into consideration the management requirements of mines. They are also reconciled periodically to cater for irregularities pertaining to geological undulations and/or losses encountered.

Tracking of conformance to mine plans, production and designs is critical to all our operations, and this has been and continues to be applied on all Tacmin assignments. Progress tracking (as described here) and monitoring of mining operations and environmental aspects have been further enhanced since 2013, following the expansion into aerial surveys.

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