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CEO & board support

Tacmin’s experts are among the industry’s leading practitioners and as such our LOM studies and estimates are done with careful examination and a detailed understanding of the appropriate methodologies. Moreover, Tacmin has the experience, the personnel, and the software understanding to provide a strong and dependable analysis under all conditions.

CEO & board support

The ability to extract organizational clarity within a complex and fast-changing business can be a clear benefit for a mining company. Those that can go the extra mile from an operational perspective will have a strong advantage. Shrinking margins, globalization and increased competition have all increased pressure on mining companies to execute better. Mining companies that can bring their products to market quicker and more efficiently than their competitors are the ones that will be better able to capture market share and grow sustainably. This focus is true in rapid-growth markets too, where effective COOs recognize that growth needs to take place in the context of greater efficiency.

The need for a figurehead in the operations role is more pressing than ever. More than anything else, this is due to increasing complexity, the single most important shift in the role over the past five years. This manifests itself in a number of ways. Mining companies must be highly flexible and agile, while retaining a sharper-than-ever focus on cost-containment and efficiency. They have to fight for market share in developed markets, while also building scale and capacity in rapid-growth markets. These challenges require strong leadership to catalyze and implement the strategic agenda. In many companies, COOs are ideally placed to lead this charge. Successful COOs have to adapt constantly to a fast-changing corporate and external environment. They must possess a mastery of change, to help translate strategic vision into action. And they must ultimately help the business to innovate and grow.

However several trends are now causing the aforesaid status quo to be challenged. Operational excellence has become a key source of competitive advantage for many businesses. The tough economic environment demands a relentless focus on the smooth running of the business. Demand volatility, depressed commodity prices and the divergence between rapid-growth and developed markets require a high degree of flexibility, agility and efficiency from corporate operations. Achieving this when responsibility for operations is scattered across multiple functions and regions can be highly challenging.

At Tacmin we know what these challenges are. Rising from 20 years of operations improvement assignments, Tacmin’s core expertise cultivated the processes followed and captured on the key drivers applied and successes achieved during turnaround assignments, to develop a service that supports CEOs and Boards. The result of this unique combination of services and skills provided our core expertise with a process that has been tried and tested without fail, which presents us with a product that assists CEOs and Boards in achieving operational excellence. Named according to the role of C-suite members, a TACMIN C-board package, which can also be tailored to suit the Client, comprise of several of the services and capabilities as demonstrated throughout this website.

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