Mining project controls

We work closely with owner teams to achieve the objectives set for operations improvement initiatives.

Converting mining challenges into opportunities

Operational excellence has become a key source of competitive advantage for many businesses. The tough economic environment demands a relentless focus on the smooth running of the business. Demand volatility, depressed commodity prices and the divergence between rapid-growth and developed markets require a high degree of flexibility, agility and efficiency from corporate operations. Achieving this when responsibility for operations is scattered across multiple functions and regions can be highly challenging.


Since 1996 Tacmin has worked closely with owner teams and consistently managed to achieve the objectives set for operations improvement assignments. From technical and operational assistance to optimisation of engineering, equipment and production, in every instance our involvement has given cause to considerable cost savings, more efficient, productive and safer optimised mining operations, all of which can be attributed to sound mining project management principals.


Credited to decades of experience gained by our expertise in mining, engineering, construction and project management with the aid of Mining Project Management Software has enabled us to develop a well-established decision analysis process integrated into the overall project management process, vital for improving project performance.

During Mining Project Execution and as part of the owners team we assist management with:

●  Implementation of mining project lifecycle models compiled during decision-making process;

●  Project controls with the aid of Mining Project Management software, and where required;

●  Mining, technical and management support of experience gained within our areas of expertise,

to ensure smooth running and execution of mining projects that give cause to optimised improved mine operations.

Project controls for on-time & on budget completion

In addition to standard industry project controls with the aid of leading project management software, Tacmin expertise has evolved from providing consultancy in all mining disciplines and assisted owner teams to achieve the objectives during operations improvement assignments. Formerly as project lead and now as specialist project services providers, Tacmin’s expertise has accumulated considerable experience in areas of mine engineering, mining equipment, construction and project management, and once Tacmin’s mining project services were assigned, our Clients need to look no further if additional support in the aforesaid disciplines were required.

Procurement, shadow bids, whole of mine costs.

Mining cost estimation from first principals.

Resource analysis, usage, utilisation, comparisons

Certification, valuations and quantity forecast tracking.

Equipment allocations, production and KPI’s.

Monitor & tracking of mine plan & budget forecasts.

From zero profit margin cost estimations (shadow bids) for contract mining, to adjudications during procurement or whole of mine costs linked to production schedules, unit cost or owner mining cost breakdowns.

Whole of mine cost breakdowns in accordance with OEM lifecycle equipment operating costs, maintenance (owner or MARC) and capital cost, unit cost makeup or breakdowns, manpower, drill and blast, crushing and screening, load and haul, support & ancillary.

Unit cost breakdowns and utilisation of all simplex and complex resources, including but not limited to materials, manpower, equipment, equipment maintenance, overheads and mine general for whole of mine activities. Critical for pre-planning and implementation requirements

Monthly valuations, certifications, sub-contractors, allowable costs, actual costs, revenue earned, linked to progress against quantity forecasts, production schedule tracking, equipment allocations, project value tracking, spend vs remaining, contractor cost vs tender tracking.

Equipment capable vs actual productions, production schedule reconciliations, equipment allocation against each material type allocation, mineability checking of each mine plan, equipment usage, availability and utilisation benchmarks against actual performance.

Mine plan and mine design conformance tracking, assistance with all related mining design amendments, updates and reconciliations, mining sequence update and optimisation guidance,  production schedule reconciliations, budget conformance tracking.

Mine engineering execution control

Currently, there are no standard procedures that would sufficiently cover all the multiple-criteria requirements along with a breakdown into the control of mine engineering execution. However, Tacmin’s mine operations management system provides for the entire foundation of control, compliance, efficiency and cost, using the Clients' mine engineering data as the base. During a process of integrating mine engineering with asset life-cycle operating, maintenance and construction disciplines, our reliable fail-proof process enables us to analyse and detect any resource or operating component that is not fully optimised.

Mine operations management system

In the context of Mine Engineering Execution Control, Tacmin’s primary focus is to assist our mining customers to extract and deliver run of mine ore at optimal cost in accordance with the specified ore grade and tonnage whilst conforming to the mine plan, production schedule and budget forecast.


Unlike several project management software or solution providers, Tacmin’s mining expertise has accumulated considerable experience in areas of mine engineering, mining equipment, construction and project management, and once Tacmin’s mine operations management system services were assigned, our Clients need to look no further if additional support in these areas were required.

Using only the design, plan, production schedule and equipment employed as primary input into our mine operations management, we add value to every stage of the mine life-cycle in delivery of the built environment. From the first estimate to the final account, our mine operations management system's complete cost and enterprise management solution work seamlessly to provide arguably the most powerful and innovative solution to meet your business needs.