Mining support services

Mining consultancy with mine project lifecycle model training, maintenance and support.

Project lifecycle model training & support

Our training department is an integral part of our success, helping you and your teams reap the benefits of our products - quickly and effectively - with tangible results for your business.

Our courses help you work faster and smarter and can be adapted to your working environment. With a personalised approach, our teams identify your requirements and offer a variety of courses to get you up to speed. Whether that's implementation, system navigation for new users, or helping existing users make the most of powerful upgrades and innovations, our aim is to make you more effective and productive for better integration with your colleagues.

We deliver training in our dedicated training centres, on client premises and also host a number of refresher courses and seminars for knowledge and networking opportunities. Whether you're a graduate estimator or a seasoned site engineer, our tailored training will help you reach the next level.

Mining project consultancy & support

Decades of working with the owners team in mining consultancy and project management roles has given our expertise a thorough understanding of the urgency in executing specialist services required during decision making or mining project implementation. Moreover, for years we have worked with major mining companies on specialist assignments with challenging objectives and tight deadlines and have always succeeded to provide on-time deliverables. Mining consultancy support is something we pride ourselves on, and our Users are testament to this. Interaction between Users and project lifecycle model designers is encouraged to ensure the solutions stay abreast of User requirements and developing industry trends.

Project lifecycle model maintenance  support

Mining resource analysis / usage & Cost support

Mine design, plan & production conformance support

We deliver training in our dedicated training centres, on client premises and also host a number of refresher courses and seminars for knowledge and networking opportunities. Whether you're a graduate project manager or a seasoned mine engineer, our tailored training will help you reach the next level.

Often project lifecycle models compiled by our expertise require updating with the Clients latest data. A typical example would be the project lifecycle model of an annual plan as a follow-up to the previous one compiled by Tacmin. In this regard and where required by the Client, the models will be updated and maintained by Tacmin.

A typical project lifecycle model that represents the Clients budget forecast, comprise of simulating the primary cost categories with Project Management Software which upon analysis by our mining expertise, is enhanced to contain an in-depth makeup / breakdown using first principal cost modelling but based upon the Clients resources and mine site conditions.

More often than not production schedules produced by typical scheduling software, need to be verified for mineability to ensure that the equipment employed at historical KPI’s is indeed capable of delivering the scheduled productions. Such analysis will also highlight the risks and areas  associated with the shortcomings as well as Tacmin’s advice to prevent failure to comply.

A typical project lifecycle model compiled by our expertise comprise of extensive detail of shift roster operating hours, resource usage as well as associated cost component utilisation and breakdowns. Tacmin’s what-if build-in functionally with Project Management Software is unlimited and total impact on the project take seconds to analyse during changed circumstances.

The Client’s mine design and associated production schedule and plan are totally integrated with Tacmin’s mine project lifecycle models and as such any deviation from mine plan will immediately be identified and flagged in the project lifecycle model.

Advisory and consultancy

Tacmin’s primary focus is to assist our mining customers to extract and deliver run of mine ore at optimal cost in accordance with specified grade and tonnage in conformance with the mine plan, production schedule and budget forecast. During two decades of enhancing and transferring of knowledge, Tacmin has always succeeded to supplement, never duplicate, but rather assist and empower management with the right skills, motivate and establish a culture which fosters a sense of responsibility towards optimal practices.

Unlike several project management software or solution providers, Tacmin’s mining expertise has accumulated considerable experience in areas of mine engineering, mining equipment, construction and project management, and once Tacmin’s mining project services were assigned, our Clients need to look no further if additional support in these areas were required.

We are committed to working together with all mining customers, raising awareness, encouraging action, and to design, develop and maintain safe, productive and profitable  mines.

Mine studies | Mine geology | Mine engineering | Mine planning 

Mine monitoring

Effective equipment optimization and maintenance protects your investment and improves your bottom line by minimizing downtime, operating costs and optimizing production performance.

Equipment studies | Equipment optimisation | Asset management Autonomous mining | Equipment maintenance

Experience gained over 30 years in delivering civil infrastructure & mining construction projects with a solid track record as consultants & project manager makes us a valuable member of the owners’ team.

Procurement | Project delivery | Mine readiness | Contractor management | Project management

Economic, social and environmental sustainability; of which the economic sustainable consultancy partner, Tacmin Madini, has been servicing the minerals industry of Africa since 1996.

Economic sustainability Environmental sustainability

Social sustainability

Sustainable mining

Tacmin Rafiki is a Sustainable Development Consultancy and Project Management firm that assists mining companies with the improvement of compliance to existing SDG's, research and identification, as well as implementations management of new SDG's - in an effort to support mining companies to encourage alignment to Sustainable Development Goals as adopted by the United Nations in September 1995.

Tacmin Rafiki supports the three pillars of sustainability - economic, society and environment; of which the economic sustainable consultancy partner of the business Tacmin Madini, has been servicing the minerals industry of Africa since 1996 on more than 50 mines in countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Tacmin Rafiki originated from an environmental sustainable air services support consultancy that was transformed in late 2016 following the appointed of Prof.Robinson as Chief Executive Officer. Prof.Robinson is a passionate academic and research fellow, mental health specialist, an advocate for children's rights, a philanthropist and ambassador, award-wining researcher and well-known international author and keynote speaker.

In alliance with its mining partner, Tacmin Rafiki's core expertise comprise of professionals with a collective experience base in excess of 70 years of support and services to society, environment and economic sustainable related matters of mines and communities across Africa. Aforesaid expertise who in their respective practices, accumulated 40 years of knowledge in strategy and management, economic evaluations, operations improvement, risk assessments, empirical research, remote sensing, construction and project management.