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Operations improvement performance turnaround


Once our customers have recognised the need for operational improvement, we do not spend months on end to assess the situation, instead, we immediately get stuck into short-term survivability. During this initial stage of a turnaround, we work closely with the owner's team to actively engage with MRM departments to determine the shortcomings and where applicable support the appropriate personnel to re-engineer and execute mineability assessments for implementation.

Based upon 21 years of experience gained during operations improvement / turnaround assignments, our operations turn-around team experienced that longer-term viability assessment is generally not required since the vast majority of longer-term viability is subject to securing the short-term future of the business through stabilising the distressed mining stage under consideration.

Tacmin’s turnaround strategy is real-time, no need for lengthy discussions on turnaround strategy or high-level turnaround plans, results are visible and transparent through ongoing engagement and support in all facets of mining, engineering and construction of which progress and results are captured on video, transformed, managed and made available for sharing by our video media platform team.


With our unique approach to operational improvement performance turnaround using video as a platform, there is no need for emergency management. Tacmin’s turnaround expertise is simply assigned and forms an integral part of the owner's team from where they facilitate the process, leaving the existing mine's management to lay the foundation and manage their own turnaround. Experience through turnaround assignments has proved that in the vast majority of turnaround assignments, mines management do not require new management or outside expertise to take control, but only requires assistance and support with the various facets under distress. In the case of mining, engineering and construction support Tacmin equips over all the necessary expertise in-house to serve as a catalyst for turnaround assignments.


With Tacmin’s operations improvement process the implementation of the turnaround plan commences from the time our expertise is assigned and refinement is an ongoing process of emergency management. Operational or leadership restructuring is generally not required, however past experience has proved that during turnaround assignments, operational teams tend to be driven by results giving cause to a natural restructuring as leadership quality emerges during the process.


Turnaround recovery entails embedding the above-said changes and managing the business during its return to normality. The recovery stage involves the embedding and monitoring of the turnaround plan and managing the business during its return to normality. Turnaround recovery is characterized by an increased emphasis on profits in addition to the earlier emphasis on cash flow. Experience gained during operations improvement assignments has underlined that once mining production has returned to normality the down-stream process such as processing-, transporting- and shipment of ore requires limited optimisation.