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Project, engineering & asset management services

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In November 2018 we celebrate 22 years of continually assisting the mining and resources sector. As experts in operational analysis and redesign, we have delivered business improvement services to open pit mining clients in platinum, gold, diamonds, copper, cobalt, phosphates, coal, fluorspar, manganese, iron ore, vanadium, PGM’s and chrome.


We grew Tacmin from a start-up consulting firm into a multinational, multi-disciplinary company specialising in open-pit mining, project management, mine engineering, EPCM contracting, reconciliation and business improvement. Assisting over 30 mines with mine optimisation, reducing costs and training of Clients personnel to develop sustainable optimal mining practices, totalling to aggregated savings of +$800 million during operations improvement assignments since 1996.


Digital transformation and asset management

Project life-cycle modelling, decision-making, performance benchmarking

Fleet tracking, maintenance control, driver behaviour & skill analysis

Process & material handling control, supply chain optimisation

Optimal situational

awareness, operations monitoring, data collection, user-centric


Training & simulation Mediasite video platform

Our purpose is to assist mining companies with the planning, development, implementation and support of Mining Projects that will give cause to optimised, improved mining operations and where construction is required to assist with on-time and below budget completion.

Mining project decision, execution,

 consultancy and support

Not only is our ultimate goal to let your mining operation achieve efficiencies near or similar to autonomous mining, but to deliver this at a fraction of the cost associated with autonomy and should this be viable, pave the way to phase in autonomous solutions through cost savings realised.

Two decades of operational improvement experience…

..has taught us what to look for and what to focus on!

Combine the experience we have gained during operational improvement assignments, with a tried-and-tested business model and we are able to achieve the desired results time-and-again. Through many years of working with owner teams of different mines, we know what to look for to achieve utmost efficiencies and have structured our services to address the same.

Our primary focus areas


Project decision analysis & life-cycle modelling

With project life-cycle modelling we have created a well-established decision analysis process integrated into the overall project management process, vital for improving project performance. Assisted numerous mining executives and boards from junior and major listed mining companies to make informed decision for a vast variety of challenges at their mining operations across Africa.

Project monitoring & execution controls

Tacmin’s mine operations management system provides for the entire foundation of control, compliance, efficiency and cost. During a process of integrating mine engineering with asset life-cycle operating and maintenance cost breakdowns, our reliable fail-proof process enables us to analyse & detect any resource or operating component that is not fully optimised.


Asset maintenance & life-cycle optimisation management

An advanced eco-drive system, focusing on fleet efficiency; mechanical and predictive diagnostics; safety and driver technical skills analysis, real-time fleet management that offers significant savings. A comprehensive asset management system that analyses and filters relevant critical data from the machine to providing real-time predictive mechanical knowledge.

Centralised fleet management & supply chain optimisation

Integration, design and installation of innovative state-of-the-art audio visual solutions. Utilising convergence of voice, data and visual technologies, we create the platform to manage and visually present knowledge in increasingly innovative ways. From utility and process control to security, media, presentation, equipment monitoring and surveillance or asset management.