In November 2016, Tacmin Rafiki was initiated to offer social, economic and environmental sustainable consultancy support to mines across Africa.

Tacmin Rafiki is a Sustainable Development Consultancy and Project Management firm that assists mining companies with the improvement of compliance to existing SDG's, research and identification, as well as implementations management of new SDG's - in an effort to support mining companies to encourage alignment to Sustainable Development Goals as adopted by the United Nations in September 1995.


Tacmin Rafiki supports the three pillars of sustainability - economic, society and environment; of which the economic sustainable consultancy partner of the business Tacmin Madini, has been servicing the open-pit minerals industry of Africa since 1996 on more than 50 open-pit mines in countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Tacmin Rafiki originated from an environmental sustainable air services support consultancy that was transformed in late 2016 following the appointed of Prof.Robinson as Chief Executive Officer. Prof.Robinson is a passionate academic and research fellow, mental health specialist, an advocate for children's rights, a philanthropist and ambassador, award-wining researcher and well-known international author and keynote speaker.


In alliance with its mining partner, Tacmin Rafiki's core expertise comprise of professionals with a collective experience base in excess of 70 years of support and services to society, environment and economic sustainable related matters of mines and communities across Africa. Aforesaid expertise who in their respective practices, accumulated 40 years of knowledge in strategy and management, economic evaluations, operations improvement, risk assessments, empirical research, remote sensing, construction and project management.