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For your Mine Readiness Management System (MRMS)

Mine Readiness Management System

Extension of & integrated into mine engineering

Analyse, optimise & cost mining resources

Improve resource utilisation, efficiencies & cost

Powerful decision-making analysis capability

Cloud computing & Internet of Things IoT operability

Analyse performance & bottlenecks

Tacmin Australia, a Perth-based boutique project management consultancy that offers expertise and resources in delivering mine readiness, asset management and digital transformation services to mining, engineering and business consulting firms, has launched its Mine Readiness Management System (MRMS), a cloud-based application designed to improve the efficiency and cost of mining operations.


The MRMS application which has been applied since 1996 by its sister company during operations improvement assignments on dozens of multi-commodity mines across Africa, is designed to manage, track, and enhance operational readiness. The MRMS aligns activity-based mine production schedules with the resources required to execute the same and provides for optimisation, efficiency and cost control of activities and resources simultaneously. The nett effect, it allows Operational Readiness teams to collaborate, manage, and perform at whole new levels of efficiency and effectiveness enabling the project team and its partners to get more predictable results and achieve what the business case intended.


A system which was tried, tested and refined over several decades with a distinct competitive advantage, is the company’s knowledge of mining, engineering and mobile mining equipment along with the vast databases of applications developed over the years. Since 1996 they have generated 1251 mining cost benchmark models for international Blue Chip mining companies, with project values fetching up to US$ 5 billion, during which they simulated the Clients’ mine site conditions and imported geological and mine engineering data basis of up to 100 Gb for more than 12 different commodities - of which the annual ROM production on some exceeded 60,000,000 tons per annum.

During this time they have developed and applied mining resource data basis with complete Life-cycle costing of more than 300 different mobile mine equipment models and sizes, with hauling equipment that ranges from 25 to 380 payload tons and matching shovels of up to 45 m3 bucket capacity.


Since Tacmin’s MRMS establishes an integrated link between mine engineering and mining resources, the value add to operational readiness applications is twofold. i.e. Improvement of resource utilisation, efficiencies and cost that is aligned to meet with the customer’s strategic mine engineering objectives, backed by a partner with decades of experience in mining resource requirements, activity-based costing, project controls, asset management and performance optimisation. This unique characteristic of the MRMS provides for mining, engineering or business consultancy firms to partner with Tacmin Australia, and enhance their mine engineering with integrated estimating, project controls, cost and enterprise management and make it possible for the project team to manage and control mining implementation and execution along with the objectives earmarked.


Cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) are two key concepts that will drive innovation and development within the mining and construction software industry in the foreseeable future. This innovation will lead to greater digitisation of mining processes. When you consider the possibility of connecting any machine, equipment, material or any system or any mine to the Internet to know at any time what’s happening, it rapidly becomes clear that the only limit in finding uses for IoT is our imagination. Machinery and equipment monitoring, inventory management and predictive analytics are just some examples of the enormous potential of IoT in the mining sector. This combined with mobile / cloud computing, has the potential to dramatically enhance project outcomes and predictability.

Tacmin’s MRMS is designed to bring full transparency to Operational Readiness teams, fostering engagement and accountability across the organisation. Companies meet their ramp-up curves and budget forecasts, improve safety and reduce implementation costs. The intuitive interface to Tacmin’s MRMS promotes sound project governance with multilevel, real-time management reports, built-in change management capability, and a host of tools for necessities like package execution, benchmarking, auditing, decision analysis, progress control and team interaction. With factual activity-based data, it is the single point of project status that is tracked in real time and analysed by leading mining and project management industry professionals.


Due to its cloud computing capability, Tacmin's MRMS application can be deployed during construction, ramp-up or steady mining, quickly and easily, wherever the team members or external partners are located. All project data is secure, synchronised, and available in real time to the project teams.


Tacmin’s MRMS means companies can spend more time developing their projects and less time on analysing performance, bottlenecks, shortcomings and benefit from on-time budget and scheduled completion at optimal cost. Customers can focus on their project data and benefit from enhanced business processes through a trusted partner that provides all the building blocks needed to achieve their objectives.


The Tacmin MRMS application can play a big part in preparing all kinds of process-intense organisations for the success they want to achieve and once deployed, Tacmin’s MRMS can serve to act as a catalyst to further enhance performance, savings and safety through digital transformation.



Mining operations

Our purpose is to assist mining companies with the planning, development, implementation and support of Mining Projects that will give cause to optimised, improved mining operations and where construction is required to assist with on-time and below budget completion.


Asset Management

Not only is our ultimate goal to let your mining operation achieve efficiencies near or similar to autonomous mining, but to deliver this at a fraction of the cost associated with autonomy and should this be viable, pave the way to phase in autonomous solutions through cost savings realised.


Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is aimed at driving improvements in productivity, costs and safety. Since 1996 we have learned what it takes to actually transform performance in an operation, and it is much more than a technical solution. Tacmin Madini, is your trusted digital transformation partner.

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