What we offer

Project, engineering & asset management services


Mine operations

Technical & operational reviews

Competent person

Independent peer reviews

Intellectual property

Economic viability studies

Technical consulting

Mine engineering

Analysis, decisions & benchmarks

Performance benchmark modelling

Project life-cycle modelling decision-making

Mineability & mine readiness reviews

Mine engineering execution controls

Mining project controls & progress tracking

Trade-off studies (also refer case studies)

Contract mining performance

Shadow or zero profit margin bids

Procurement of contractors

Drafting of contract mining agreements

Resolving of disputes, mediation

Contractor administration & certification

Contract mining controls & mine plan conformance​​​​​​​



Mine operations

Our purpose is to assist mining companies with the planning, development, implementation and support of Mining Projects that will give cause to optimised, improved mining operations and where construction is required to assist with on-time and below budget completion.


Asset Mainetance

Every piece of equipment and component have a life cycle and needs to deliver maximum availability and be as cost-efficient as possible at all times. While you are staying focused on your core operation, we can help you achieve this by providing a customisable, scalable and fully integrated outsourced equipment maintenance support solution.


Asset Management

Not only is our ultimate goal to let your mining operation achieve efficiencies near or similar to autonomous mining, but to deliver this at a fraction of the cost associated with autonomy and should this be viable, pave the way to phase in autonomous solutions through cost savings realised.

Asset maintenance

Maintenance & asset reviews

Fleet evaluation and maintenance reviews

Independent audit – MARC contracts

Independent audit – asset management & maintenance

Asset management & maintenance system audits

CMMS reviews for mobile equipment

CMMS implementation for mobile equipment

Equipment diagnostics & analysis

Mining equipment life-cycle modelling

Equipment life-cycle cost analysis

Real-time monitoring and control of your fleet

Detect mechanical and preventative maintenance

Notification of dangerous and aggressive driving

Driver mechanical and technical behaviour

Outsourced maintenance support

Asset life-cycle decision analysis

Equipment life-cycle cost estimation

Maintenance planning & cost estimation

Maintenance enterprise management

Establish maintenance support

In-service maintenance support


Mining technical

●  Mining studies

●  Project controls

●  Mine engineering

●  Business intelligence

●  Operations improvement

Construction management

●  Contractor management

●  Benchmarking & project analysis

●  Mineability reviews

●  Dispute & claims resolutions

●  Operations improvement

Asset management

●  Equipment studies

●  Asset management

●  Asset performance improvement

●  Maintenance reviews & audits

●  In-service maintenance

Project management

●  Enquiries & procurement

●  Project delivery

●  Contract / mining readiness

●  Client’s representative

●  Contract agreements

Asset management

Mining fleet management

MFS requirement analysis & reviews

MFS installation management & coordination

Real-time monitoring and control of your fleet

Equipment maintenance and asset health

Business intelligence and reporting

IROC FMS integration & management

Optimise pit-to-port supply chain

Supply chain strategic planning

Supply chain plan optimisation

Supply chain capacity scheduling

Supply chain operational scheduling

Pit-to-port lifecycle modelling

Audio visual and control room solutions

Mining contractor management

Client’s representative

Mining contractor management

Contract mining benchmark costs & budgets

Mine re-engineering and planning

Contract mining optimisation

Contractor equipment maintenance