South Australia Mining Project Control Centre of Excellence

helps to deliver projects on-time & within budget 

Campaigning 25 years of legacy

At our Mining Project Control Centre of Excellence we

Do online training, workshops, explore and brainstorm

Apply processes & solutions delivered with success

Use state of the art technology, hardware and software

Research, investigate, test & develop new solutions & systems

MPC CoE draws on mining & construction industry expertise

The Mining Project Control CoE works in close collaboration and draws on expertise from it's partners.

We provide specialised project implementation and administration to the global mining industry and have done so for 25 years. We add value to every stage of the project lifecycle in delivery of the built environment. 

TacminMadini Australia's primary focus is on mining transformation through collaborative contracting. We are in support of building world-class mining teams in developing countries.

MPC CoE helping to deliver projects on time & within budget

Digital twins of mines and infra-structures

Operational readiness and look-ahead schedules

Mobile asset performance bench-marking

Construction and mining project controls

Real-time monitoring and data analysis

Decision intelligence and cost engineering

IoT Infrastructure partner

Our partners have spent the last five years perfecting their technology and delivery process to make sure that projects are scientifically delivered and optimized for success. While we focus on our core business and continue to strive for excellence in mining project delivery, our partner digitally transforms the process such that our customers can benefit from real-time data and predictive insights – so in collaboration we can achieve meaningful business outcomes.

Data science

Technical & solutions

Data cleaning

Data ingestion & storage

Data engineering & vizualisation

Machine learning

AI & operations optimisation

Predictive data & control

Sound processes & solutions that deliver time and again

   Contractor, construction & asset management services were part of TacminMadini's service offering since 1996.

   The above services were executed by our mine engineering consultancy firm on a project management consultancy basis. 

   TacminMadini has earned a sound reputation in operational improvement and completing mining projects on time and within budget.

   Our project delivery process has been applied with success on all our assignments for twenty-five years.

   TacminMadini's construction and contractor management involvement is favoured by most investors and financiers.

   We execute our services as part of the owner's team with a limited number of expertise.

   Our success can be attributed to a unique blend of experience, inhouse developed processes and the latest technology.

Training, workshops & brainstorming

Since onset TacminMadini assignments have been associated with an extension of the owner's team. For more than two decades, we have and continue to apply this proven process, and the primary reason for the successful execution of our assignments are:


  Following the operational readiness stage - the owner team's involvement tend to increase. 

  In collaboration with the owner's team, we introduce TacminMadini's proven project delivery method.

   With the support of our IoT Infrastructure partners, we introduce digital transformation.

   Through online training, workshops and brainstorming, we transfer skills, hand over and exit the project.

  During the period following we continue to advice, support, maintain systems and processes.