Collaborative Mining & Construction

Collaborative contracting is a project delivery method wherein the mine owner appoints a firm/contractor to offer consultation on the feasibility and constructibility of a project. In this method, the collaborative contractor assumes two roles. First, they act as project management consultants, offering advice and technical assistance to the owner and collaborating with the owners team to create a design that aligns with the owner’s budget and schedule. Second, in collaboration with the selected contractor, they assume the risk of assembling a team of subcontractors to complete the project in accordance with the collaborative commercial agreement between the Parties.

Project management consultants

Legal contractors


Mine engineering assistance - pit optimisation, mine designs, LOM, medium and short-term planning, production scheduling


Equipment selections and production, zero-based profit margin cost estimation, cost & resource utilisation analysis, OEM & supplier quotes


Contractor quotations, price negotiations, cashflows, budgets, construction schedule, commercial agreements & execution plans


Mining construction management, open-book, gain and pain share, total cost engineering, clients representative

Client-centred project, asset & contractor management.

 Operational readiness, asset management, cost engineering. 

Adaptable Business Models

Proved on a variety of infrastructure, industrial and mining projects, is that our company’s business models and processes, inclusive of our optimal situational awareness, operations monitoring, data collection and user-centric decision-making time and again delivers improved performance.

Our Key Responsibilities during Construction

  Open-book contract management, cost engineering, measurement & certification.

  Project controls, design, plan, schedule and budget conformance tracking.

  Mobile asset performance and asset integrity management. 

  Engineering management and compliance tracking.