Are you a mining contractor who is interested in a collaborative partnership?

Why local contractors partner with us!

25 years of serving mining customers in developing countries 

proven record of assistance & management of local contractors

structuring of investor friendly projects and commercials

in-depth knowledge of contract mining business

engineering design, planning and technical capability

transformation by way of Industry 4.0 Technology partners  

A collaborative contract partnership is a project delivery method wherein the mine owner appoints TacminMadini to offer consultation on the feasibility and constructability of a project. In this method, the collaborative contractor assumes two roles. First, we act as project management consultants, offering advice and technical assistance to the owner and collaborating with the owner's team to create a design that aligns with the owner’s budget and schedule. Second, we partner with the selected local contractor, and become the legal entity responsible for contracting in terms of the commercial agreement.

The Centre of Excellence helps to deliver projects on time & within budget.

Our expertise comprises advanced 3D modelling, planning, mining, scheduling software engineers and project managers with decades of execution planning & project management experience of numerous mass earthworks & open-pit mining projects. Thanks to our computer science engineers, the results generated by those above, are made transparent to project stakeholders via our unique real-time project management and control platform

Project management consultants


Mine engineering assistance - pit optimisation, mine designs, LOM, medium and short-term planning, production scheduling


Equipment selections and production, zero-based profit margin cost estimation, cost & resource utilisation analysis, OEM & supplier quotes


Contractor quotations, price negotiations, cashflows, budgets, construction schedule, commercial agreements & execution plans

Legal contractors


Mining construction management, open-book, gain and pain share, total cost engineering, clients representative

Our key objective is to maximise return on investment..

through optimisation of the financial and operational performance of our client's assets, working as part of the owner's team with the specific emphasis on adding shareholder value through optimisation, operational improvement, re-engineering and cost-effective turning to account of open-pit mines and large infrastructure projects.