Mining Project Controls

Our Project Control engineering has three distinct uses in our production systems:

Business solution platforms - Decades of business solutions that have been developed and applied to solve complex operational challenges on numerous mining applications have now given us the edge to design, develop, deploy and manage Business Platforms for our customers. This provides executive management, stakeholders, operational management and program managers with visibility into operational performance and the ability to define and execute corrective and proactive actions.

Asset performance management - Deployment of cost-effective wireless sensors, easy cloud connectivity and data analytics improves asset performance. These tools allow data to be gathered easily from the field and converted into actionable information in real time. The expected result is reduced costs, improved asset and maintenance performance, better business decisions and forward-looking decision-making processes.

Augmented operators - Future employees will use mobile devices, data analytics, augmented reality and transparent connectivity to increase productivity. As fewer skilled workers are left to man core operations due to a rapid increase in younger replacement plant workers will need information at their fingertips. This should be delivered in a real-time format that is familiar to them. 

Mining Project Control Applications






Real-time asset management

Project life-cycle modelling, decision-making, performance benchmarking

Digitally enabled asset reliability, fleet tracking, maintenance control

Process & material handling control, supply chain optimisation

Optimal situational awareness, operations monitoring, data collection, user-centric decisions

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