Who We Are

A collaborative contracting and construction management company

Mining transformation

Highest level of technical and industry-based knowledge

Due to the nature of our clients’ needs, Tacmin has structured its business to incorporate the highest level of technical and industry-based knowledge, coupled with the ability to communicate effectively. 

Considerable experience and exposure to fast-track construction

From engineering and procurement to commercial contract agreements, all work is carried in-house , thereby ensuring seamless execution of contracts and construction management.

Our purpose is to enable you to concentrate on your core business

We build our client relationships upon the foundation of trust, confidence and integrity by performing on what we say we are going to do and being committed to building our relationship with you and your organisation.

From open-pit mine engineering PMC to a diversified construction management and contracting company

1985 - 1990


Civil infrastructure construction


accross Africa

1990 - 1996


Open-pit mining construction

Mining companies accross Africa

1996 -


Mine engineering consultancy

Mining companies accross Africa

2000 -


Operational improvement

Mining companies accross Africa

2005 -


Asset & contractor management

Mining companies gobally

2018 -


Construction management

Mining, minerals & construction sector

Tacmin’s core expertise has a recordable track record of serving.

public listed companies in asset management since 1990.

Corporate Values

Tacmin Madini’s fundamental policy is to conduct its business responsibly and in a manner designed to protect our customers, employees, communities and the natural environment. The company is committed (through its support to our customers) to achieving a safe, productive and healthy work environment, and to upholding the values of human rights. We seek to create sustainable value for employees, business partners, communities and, first and foremost, our customers and their shareholders. 

Our Expertise


Tacmin’s core expertise, since 1985 has accumulated considerable experience in working with mining companies, from software, geology, exploration to mine engineering, operations and rehabilitation over a broad spectrum of commodities, we have provided strategic advice, business transformation program definition and delivery, performance enhancement solutions and corporate restructuring services for mines in several countries across Africa. Over the last 24 years, we have developed a reputation as some of the leading specialists in this industry and our expertise are well-known advisors to mining boards and executive management. 


Our mission is to maximise return on investment through optimisation of the financial and operational performance of our client's assets. With this goal in mind, our resources are a unique mix of engineering, software, construction, operational improvement, project and asset management specialists, with numerous years of implementation experience and each possesses technical, industry, and management expertise. Given the considerable exposure of our expertise to geographically extreme and challenging projects across several sub-Saharan Africa countries, initially in the construction, government, materials handling and mining sectors and due to demand have now organically expanded to oil and gas and the defence sector.


Along with our partners, we provide computer networking, virtualisation, IT infrastructure management and embedded sensing and large-scale secure and reliable data management with an understanding of asset frameworks. Our people are skilled in designing and interpreting analytics specific to asset maintenance. By combining Remote Asset Management solutions with Remote Operations Management we can help enterprises optimise both maintenance and operations. Wireless, satellite or wired data transmission technologies to securely transmit data from sensors. Predictive analytics provides algorithms that transform raw sensor data into easily interpreted information that can be used to determine asset condition and performance. 


Considerable experience was gained by our core expertise in the management and turning to account of civil infrastructure construction projects during their employment with major construction companies. Numerous projects ranging from single and dual carriageways, roads & township infrastructure, earth dams, bridges and concrete structures. In addition to projects mentioned above, our expertise constructed and rehabilitated roads and railroads, international airport and steel structures for GovernmentS and storage, tailings, return water, stormwater diversion and emergency dams for mining companies. Construction experience gained by our expertise covers from estimation, planning, procurement, programme and planning, cost engineering, construction to close-out and final hand over.


Not only does our core expertise equip over decades of civil infrastructure and open-pit mine contracting experience during their employment with major civil and mining contractors, following numerous 3-5 year, EPCM and PMC assignments on several projects internationally, and by 2010 Tacmin has organically grown to cater for all aspects relating to procurement, management and operational improvement of contract mining operations. Tacmin’s expertise specialises in principal estimation and cost engineering and have compiled mining cost benchmark models for international mining companies, with project values fetching up to US$ 5 billion.


Since 1996 we have generated 1210 mining cost benchmark models for international Blue Chip mining companies, with project values fetching up to US$ 5 billion, during which we simulated the Clients’ mine site conditions and imported geological and mine engineering data basis of up to 100 Gb for more than 12 different commodities - of which the annual ROM production on some exceeded 60,000,000 tons per annum. During this time we have developed and applied resource data basis with complete Life-cycle costing of more than 300 different equipment models and sizes, with hauling equipment that ranges from 25 to 380 payload tons and matching shovels of up to 45 m3 bucket capacity. 


TacminMadini has an established track record of applying business solutions in scenarios where the responsibilities of specific roles span the boundaries of multiple functional mining departments or multiple life cycle stages of processes. Decades of business solutions that have been developed and applied to solve complex operational challenges on numerous mining applications have now given us the edge to design, develop, deploy and manage Business Platforms for our customers. This provides executive management, stakeholders, operational management and program managers with visibility into engineering, procurement, mining and supply chain progress, as well as the ability to define and execute corrective and proactive actions during development, launch, service, and end of life.