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Founding partner:

Sarel Blaauw

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We are committed to working together with all open-pit mining customers, raising awareness, encouraging action, and to design, develop and maintain safe, productive and profitable open-pit mines.

Effective equipment optimization and maintenance protects your investment and improves your bottom line by minimizing downtime, operating costs and optimizing production performance.

Experience gained over 30 years in delivering civil infrastructure & open-pit mining construction projects with a solid track record as consultants & project manager makes us a valuable member of the owners’ team.

Given the vast exposure gained during turnaround assignments, we have and continue to focus on improving the processes followed in anticipation to deliver better results in a shorter time frame.



Tacmin Madini was founded in 1996 by Sarel Blaauw, a former director of a South African open-pit contract mining company. With main offices in Johannesburg and projects globally, the company specialises in consultancy and management support to existing and construction through to management of new open-pit mines.

Our projects

African Rainbow Minerals, Tharisa Minerals, African Barrick Gold PLC, Tshipi e Ntle  (Pty) Ltd, AngloGold Ashanti  (Pty) Ltd, Anglovaal Mining Ltd, Samquarz (Pty) Ltd, Shanta Gold Ltd, Ghana Manganese Ltd, Assmang Ltd, BHP Billiton (BECSA), Xstrata, Rockwell Diamonds Inc., Petrex (Pty) Ltd, Aquarius Platinum Ltd

Our history

Tacmin Madini, an open-pit mine engineering, project management and construction company, was founded in 1996 by Sarel Blaauw, a former director of South African open-pit contract mining company, MCC Contracts.

Our partners

Advanced visualisation, Sustainable development consultancy & project management, Project management, independent reviews, management consulting, Project controls, document management and health & safety, Explosives, drilling and blasting, Resource modelling and mine planning software

Our business strategy

Capture on and further enhance our Client relations,

Achieving sustainable growth through focusing on niche areas, Expand our services to stimulate sustainable growth of our company, Emerge as taking the lead in a changing mining industry, Continue to transform with utmost adaptability.

Mining performance improvement starts with operations ready engineering!


After decades of refinement and delivering of mine models generated with Mining Project Management Software by Tacmin for junior and major listed mining companies during an in-house developed process that integrate all leading mining, engineering and accounting software commonly used by miners, contractors and consultants;

“Tacmin now offers the mining industry a range of tried and tested mine models, which upon modification to customer requirements, will be ready for implementation with support from our mining expertise”

Applied on Tacmin assignments carried out for junior and major listed mining companies since 1996.

Applied on projects with mining portion values up and to USD$8 billion.


Results of Tacmin mine models used for:

●      mining board recommendations,

●        mine operations improvement and business turnaround,

●       contract mining benchmarks, tenders, contract renegotiations,

●       owner mining benchmarks, MARC vs owner maintenance trade-off’s,

●       mineability assessments,

●       mine engineering, planning and scheduling,

●       trade-off studies: contractor vs owner, operator vs autonomous,

●       mining equipment capital recommendations,

●       LOM, medium and short term planning,

●       open-pit contract mining open-book,

●       mining project lifecycle control.

Our company delivers solutions that drive business results every minute!


Since inception, due to the nature of enquiries received from customers, Tacmin started putting the focus on operations improvement of open-pit mines using sound mining project management principles. Based upon the nature of assignments afforded, Tacmin Madini’s vision to grow into an operations improvement and mining project management company was fully realized in the early 2000’s.


Following numerous 3-5 year EPCM and PMC assignments on more than 50 projects across Africa and further driven by our visions and values as well as the lack of contract mining alternatives, by 2010 Tacmin has organically grown to cater for all aspects relating to engineering, management and construction of open-pit mines.

Bridging the gap between mine plan and production schedule conformance whilst optimising equipment performance, reducing maintenance costs and simultaneously improve safety by means of tracking driver and operating behaviour enabling you to implement training and driver skill upgrading strategies.

●  Real-time monitoring & control of your fleet, Real-time detection of mechanical & preventative maintenance, Real-time driver mechanical & technical behaviour, Real-time notification of dangerous & aggressive driving.


●  IROC design  & installation, Monitoring equipment / solutions design & installation, Business intelligence systems installation and setup, Turnkey management.

Tacmin Madini is pleased to announce their partnership with Enthalpy, an Independent Owner's Project Management Consultant.  This partnership offers our clients the benefit of Tacmin's technical, project and contract management expertise combined with Enthalpy's strategic investment, project review and project management capabilities.

In three decades of operation, Enthalpy has developed standards and processes in project benchmarking, feasibility studies, project structuring, project management, commercial strategies, contracting and construction management and project controls.  These processes have been used successfully in advising and assisting numerous clients across a variety of industries to achieve the best possible outcomes in strategic investment decision making and project outcomes.

This strategic partnership will provide our clients with the extended breadth and depth of Tacmin and Enthalpy's combined skills and experience in both Australia and Africa.

Tacmin Rafiki is a Sustainable Development Consultancy and Project Management firm that assists mining companies with the improvement of compliance to existing SDG's, research and identification, as well as implementation management of new SDG's - in an effort to support mining companies to encourage alignment to Sustainable Development Goals as adopted by the United Nations in September 1995.


Tacmin Rafiki supports the three pillars of sustainability - economic, society and environment; of which the economic sustainable consultancy partner of the business Tacmin Madini, has been servicing the open-pit minerals industry of Africa since 1996 on more than 50 open-pit mines in countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Business strategies designed for provision of the highest quality services

CUSTOMER SERVICES (a message from our founding partner Sarel Blaauw)

Customer service is part of our everyday job, from engineering, optimisation to C-suite or construction, we've created products and a culture that's focused on the customer. Our philosophy of Customer WOW of "consistently being better than what you're expected to be", is how we provide the best possible customer experience.

Creating this experience is at the core of what we do and since inception, we work every day to perfect the experience our customers have with us. Honesty, transparency and accountability are the guideposts for every decision and action we take in delivering quality customer service.

We are committed to working together with all open-pit mining customers, raising awareness, encouraging action and to design, develop and maintain safe, optimised, productive and profitable open-pit mines with a view to minimising the environmental impact of our operations, reducing or preventing pollution, limiting waste generation and disposal; and where waste must be disposed of, doing so responsibly.


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This decision comes as a result of an extended research process by Corporate Vision Magazine, in which they invited all of their shortlisted parties to put..


This decision comes as a result of an extended research process by Corporate Vision Magazine, in which they invited all of their shortlisted parties to put...


Tacmin Madini was selected for the South African Company of the Year 2017 in the mining division by ACQ5 Global Awards 2017...