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Providing industry-leading mining project services you need.

Those that can go the extra mile from an operational perspective will have a strong advantage.



Mining Project Services

Our purpose is to assist mining companies with the planning, development, implementation and support of Mining Projects that will give cause to optimised, improved mining operations and where construction is required to assist with on-time and below budget completion.

Strategic consulting

Real-time decision-making, risk assessments, valuations and comparisons that are typically associated with trade-off studies, benchmarking,

mine optimisation, operations improvement, Life of Mine

studies, equipment performance, capital and operating

costs studies, with the aid of project lifecycle mine models

compiled with Mining Project Management Software.

Professional service

During Mining Project Execution and as part of the owner's team, assist management with the implementation, execution and project controls with the aid of Construction Project Management software, and where required serve as an advisor and technical consultant to ensure smooth running and execution of mining projects that give cause to optimised improved mine operations​​​​​​​.

Mining project decision, execution,

consultancy and support

Consultancy in mine engineering, mining equipment, construction and project management, during or after mining project services delivery as well as

training in project lifecycle modelling, inclusive but not limited to maintenance of mining project lifecycle models.

Consultancy, training and support



Our Expertise

Tacmin’s core expertise during three decades of experience gained, first as miners, mining software engineers, civil and open-pit mining contractors and then as consultants and project management solution providers to open-pit mining companies, has afforded our expertise with considerable exposure and experience in areas of mine engineering, mining equipment, construction and project management, and once Tacmin’s mining project services were assigned, our Clients need to look no further when support in the aforesaid disciplines were required.

We are committed to working together with all open-pit mining customers, raising awareness, encouraging action, and to design, develop and maintain safe, productive and profitable open-pit mines.

Mine studies | Mine geology | Mine engineering | Mine planning |

Mine monitoring

Effective equipment optimization and maintenance protects your investment and improves your bottom line by minimizing downtime, operating costs and optimizing production performance.


Equipment studies | Equipment optimisation | Asset management Autonomous mining | Equipment maintenance

Experience gained over 30 years in delivering civil infrastructure & open-pit mining construction projects with a solid track record as consultants & project manager makes us a valuable member of the owners’ team.


Procurement | Project delivery | Mine readiness | Contractor management | Project management

Economic, social and environmental sustainability; of which the economic sustainable consultancy partner, Tacmin Madini, has been servicing the open-pit minerals industry of Africa since 1996.


Economic sustainability Environmental sustainability

Social sustainability


Our company

Due to the nature of our Clients’ needs, Tacmin has structured its business to incorporate the highest level of technical and industry based knowledge, coupled with the ability to communicate effectively. From feasibility studies and environmental compliance to design, construction management, operations and maintenance, Tacmin brings together the talent and expertise necessary to deliver in accordance with your requirements.

Our Competitive Advantage

Since inception in 1996, Tacmin’s expertise has delivered consultancy and project management services to open-pit mines, worked along with mining engineers, geologists, mining contractors and mine owners of numerous multi-commodity mines across Africa; and developed Tacmin Madini to become leaders in mining project services who are best associated with:

Mine planning

Mine design, plan and production schedule conformance tracking.

Engineering (mining)

Complete mining cost breakdowns, equipment benchmarking, budget conformance control, decision-making (trade-offs, benchmarking etc.) contract mining project controls & performance.

Engineering (equipment)

Optimal mining equipment usage & applications, OEM maintenance utilisation & cost breakdown benchmarks, Owner vs MARC comparisons, equipment operating cost makeup.

Operations (mining)

Mine plan & production conformance, optimal equipment utilisation & performance, contractor management, optimal unit costs, contract mining project controls & performance.

General management

Optimised production, conformance to budget, schedule & mine plan, optimal equipment performance, contract mining project controls & performance.

C-Level: CEO, COO & CFO

Strategic decisions, operations improvement, project controls and on-time completion, optimised mining costs, budget implementation & controls, asset optimisation & utilisation, contract mining project controls & performance.

Tacmin Madini offers the full range of specialist engineering, construction and asset management expertise

Extensive Mining Equipment Knowledge

The management of physical assets such as equipment, process plants, machinery and vehicles, focuses at a strategic level on establishing, operating and maintaining an asset portfolio that is aligned with the organisation’s strategic objectives, within the context of the regulatory and broader organisational environment. At an operational management and technical level this necessitates the need for in-depth understanding of asset management principles and processes, enhanced by specialised technical knowledge and techniques related to aspects such as design analysis, data acquisition, condition monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics as well as finite element analysis – all within the context of asset lifecycle management.

Over two decades of assisting mining companies with decision-making, analysis and mining project delivery our resources and mining equipment database (mine models) has grown to include comprehensive Lifecycle operating cost breakdowns inclusive of owner or MARC maintenance of the complete range from smallest to top-end mining equipment (crucial for benchmarking), all of which was obtained during a formal procurement process and supplied by OEM’s for the equipment considered.

Tacmin’s mining equipment service offering is comprehensive, from fleet selections and benchmarking to trade-off studies such as owner versus contractor or autonomous versus operator, all of which forms part of our unique mine project modelling service offering:


Fleet selections & capital recommendations: Tacmin’s fleet selection and capital recommendations studies/analysis are fully integrated with the Clients geology, mine engineering and cost accounting system. Owner-operator and contract mining costs are fully compatible with another to the extent that a zero profit margin unit rate bill can be flipped over to show detailed Capex and Opex costs broken down to cost of finance and LCC of mining equipment.


Owner vs contractor trade-off studies: On the average contract mining application monthly payment certificates can easily fetch anything between USD 8 to 20 million per month and the only control the Owner has over this cost, is to ensure that waste and ore mining comply to the design, schedule and plan. Contrary to contract mining, in an owner mining application, not only has the Owner total control over every cent, but the cost is controlled by everyone associated with the mining operations – ensuring, total control which can only lead to improvement.


Benchmarking studies – equipment, production & cost: Benchmarking studies for MARC or owner maintenance operations comprise of a simulation of the mining Client’s current status quo in respect of the mining equipment employed and projected maintenance costs in accordance with the Lifecycle Costs linked to SMU hours at the time of the assignment. Aforesaid maintenance benchmark / operating costs which can be expressed in accordance with historical productions achieved and/or capable machine/fleet productions.


Autonomous haulage installation cost: AHS truck cost / AHS ancillary equipment, AHS software  / AHS software configuration, AHS control room – software and communications for vehicle interaction facilities, Communications upgrades, Physical infrastructure – site-based control systems and boom gate trailers, Implementation services – services that cover management, operating and emergency.  [Read more]