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Why Tacmin Madini

Following thirty years of experience gained in open-pit contract and owner mining, EPCM & PMC, consultancy, infrastructure and mine construction, the founder and team members, have developed a lean and mean business model that caters for all the needs of its open-pit mining customers.

During two decades of enhancing and transferring of knowledge, Tacmin has always succeeded to supplement, never duplicate, but rather assist and empower management with the right skills, motivate and establish a culture which fosters a sense of responsibility towards optimal practices.

Tacmin's core competencies, during eighteen years of servicing mining customers on more than 50 open-pit mines and projects spread across various countries in Africa, have grown from open-pit contract mining in PGM’s and chrome to mine economics, mine engineering, operations improvement and aerial surveys of mines.

Whether our services are assigned independently or grouped into lowest quartile operating cost per ton EPC Contract (design and construct), with specific attention to customers' needs, Tacmin’s core services are aimed at; filling the gap in those areas in which the open-pit mining industry lacks most, and; developing business models which best address the shortage of skills, including but not limited to:

Given Tacmin’s considerable experience and track record in CONSTRUCTION, PMC and EPCM assignments, as well as our ability to deliver on all aspects of open-pit mining in commodities ranging from coal, gold, manganese, PGM’s, vanadium, diamonds, phosphates, chrome, copper, cobalt and iron ore, makes us your ideal partner to carry projects from FEASIBILITY to FEED and CONSTRUCTION on EPC Contract base.

Tacmin Madini expertise has gained experience in open-pit mine designs and planning of all commodities in a wide variety of rock types for almost two decades. Tacmin’s mine designs are optimised, practical are benchmarked against equipment capabilities and have been implemented on numerous open-pit mines across Africa.

We maintain close working relationships with major equipment suppliers and hire companies to provide all types of mining equipment. Tacmins’ extensive operational experience covers all aspects of statutory management, production planning, supervisory services and delivery of open-cut mining operations, including truck and shovel/excavator and dozer push.

Not only has the expansion into aerial surveys enabled Tacmin to offer assistance to survey departments on mines, but additionally Tacmin experts are capable of integrating aerial collected data into exploration, geology, mining, geotechnical and environmental disciplines. Aerial surveying and mapping technologies have been used for over 40 years to assist mining companies through all phases of a mine's life and supports a diverse range of mining activities.

Tacmin Madini offers a fully integrated engineering, procurement and mine construction solution by aligning with three independently operating companies. Our individual core services can be grouped into cost effective design and construct mining model which sees us working in collaboration with the customer to carry out relationship mining on an EPC basis and during joint management, Tacmin will share the responsibility while savings are passed to the customer.
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Photogrammetry software for effective construction and mining progress monitoring

Guaranteed on-time and on-budget ore and waste production.

Progress monitoring, a critical tool for successful construction and mining progress control, provides information on the present state of construction or mining, which can then be compared with the original plan. The comparison can be used in decision-making to control variations in project performance. However, current methods for acquiring and updating information on the progress of a project are inadequate for monitoring project progress effectively due to their high computational processing, cost and time requirements. Photogrammetry has the potential to provide information about construction and mining progress more efficiently, rapidly, and cost-effectively.

Successful project management requires monitoring project progress and comparing it with the originally planned schedule by identifying possible deviations between the actual and the expected project status. The first requirement for effective progress monitoring is the collection of large amounts of spatial data in a rapid and accurate manner. However, although the progress monitoring process, which includes measuring and managing project information during the construction / mining phase, is an important [read more]

Tacmin's survey solution assigned to remote project in Africa

XSTOL - the ultimate utility aircraft – cargo combined with aerial surveys

Servicing open-pit mining clients on remote locations in Africa is something that the Tacmin team has grown accustomed to. With almost two decades of experience in solutions and improvement assignments, Tacmin’s recent expansion into mine survey solutions are no different.

The main objective of Tacmin’s subsidiary is to act as the data collection arm of Tacmin Madini, with the specific intention to provide our customers with solutions which are founded on vast accurate and reliable aerial collected data. This periodic aerial solution includes month-end surveys, geological surveys, crisis prevention surveys and environmental surveys. Aforesaid which are delivered to clients as ortho-photos, maps, DTMs, volumetric calculations, models and point-cloud data.

On this mine, Tacmin was able to combine weekly aerial data collections with cargo transfers between the mine and a main city centre, enabling them to keep the cost of aerial data collection to a minimum. The Tacmin group of companies are passionate about delivering solutions with the specific focus to assist with improvement of operations and the environment.
Tacmin experts fully equipped with all the resources to deliver the data, support and know-how customers need.

Independent aerial data collection of vast areas, conversion, analysis and integration into industry recognised mine engineering software.

Their expansion into aerial survey technology backed by considerable experience gained in all aspects associated with open-pit mines and environmental improvement and their undisputable track record thereof, gave cause to Tacmin adopting a strategy to deliver on:
  • A specialised aerial surveying and mine engineering service which is unmatched by aerial surveying companies
  • Provide a service with improved accuracy – as good as, or better than the current services available to the industry;
  • Provide a price that is more affordable than the current service providers
  • Submission of processed results within 3 days from date of survey
For any questions on how we can be of assistance, do not hesitate to contact Sarel Blaauw at 0825716627 or e-mail sblaauw@tacmin.co.za
Tacmin experts assist with on-time extraction of first ore

Slope, design and mine plan conformance monitoring

The main objective of this operational improvement assignment was focused on assisting the client to get mining production back on target in anticipation to not miss their Transnet allocation. At this stage the mining contractor had fallen 3 months behind on waste while target ore was nowhere in sight.

With a sub-outcrop of 60 meters below surface and a 20 meter clay layer between hard rock formations, conventional land surveys were inadequate to track mine design and planning conformance. Coupled with vigorous geotechnical investigation and ongoing slope geometry, Tacmin experts re-engineered the pit, reduced the size of the boxcut, re-designed in-pit ramps and re-positioned waste dumps.

Through consistent crisis prevention surveys of all mining aspects based upon considerable dense point cloud data, Tacmin experts could track progress and with timeous re-engineering were able to improve production and guide the mining contractor to extract first ore on time.

The mine is currently in steady state mining and has since never failed to achieve production targets.


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