We offer support in RealTime for insight and effective production management of mobile mining equipment

The Project Control Centre of Excellence extracts data from projects, analyses and predicts project outcomes

Our engineers compile digital twins of the facility under construction with asbuilt survey models that demonstrate progress

Our lean construction approach emphasizes waste reduction, value enhancement, and customer satisfaction 

We analyse fragmented, complex processes — turning them into simplified, actionable information 

We compile project life cycle models and apply sound cost engineering principles to track budget and time conformance

Our expertise successfully delivered civil infrastructure & open-pit mining projects for three decades

Open-pit contract mining & infrastructure construction services


Tacmin Construction - we are a client-side contractor

Tacmin Construction is the construction division and a subsidiary of EPC firm TacminMadini Australia. We are a collaborative force, working closely with clients, engineers, OEM's and subcontractors from the earliest project stages to foster shared knowledge and innovative solutions. Our services span the spectrum of project development, from preconstruction planning to comprehensive construction management. We specialize in lean construction methodologies that streamline processes, reduce waste, and enhance customer satisfaction. At Tacmin Construction, we harness cutting-edge technologies such as 3D modeling and IoT to ensure meticulous planning, precise design, and accurate budgeting for every project. Our collaborative approach unites clients, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, and OEMs to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our expertise extends to various delivery methods and project controls, enabling us to successfully execute open-pit mines and civil infrastructure projects in remote and emerging countries.


Welcome to Tacmin Construction - where your vision meets our expertise. 

"Are you ready to take your mining operations to the next level?" 

If you are a junior or mid-tier mining company looking for a partner to help you transition from traditional to modern operations, you should speak to Tacmin Construction.


Tacmin Construction was established when we unbundled TacminMadini International into two seperate business units: Engineering and Construction. Known for its capability and well-recognized by the global mining industries, Tacmin Construction, formerly a part of TacminMadini International, is renowned for undertaking large and complex projects in mining and infrastructure. Tacmin Construction is committed to building on their established reputation, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a significant impact on our clients, employees, and community. 

Mining construction capabilities:

Multi-commodity open-pit mines
Boxcut, starter pits, ramp-up & steady-state mining
Rehabilitation & mine closure
In-pit roads, ramps and main roads
Dumps, ROM pads & stockpile management
Ore blending operations
Ore transportation

Infrastructure construction capabilities:

Bulk earthworks for mining infrastructures
Tailings disposal & return water infrastructure
Access, haul roads and paved roads
Storage and emergency dams
Stormwater and diversion channels
Runways and airfields
Crushing & screening plants


International customers & key assignments/contracts


Infrastructure construction & open-pit mining


Technical services partner

TacminMadini Australia, an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company, has its roots in Tacmin, a company established in 1996 in South Africa by Sarel Blaauw. Blaauw, a former civils and mining contractor, recognized the need for a more holistic approach to mining projects. This vision led to the expansion of the company to Australia in 2018, with the establishment of TacminMadini Australia, headquartered in Adelaide. The expansion to Australia marked a significant milestone for the company, leading to a restructuring of its operations. The engineering expertise from Tacmin was incorporated into TacminMadini Australia, allowing the company to continue providing Engineering and Procurement services as before. This restructuring has enabled TacminMadini Australia to adopt a more focused approach in Engineering and Construction, thereby enhancing its ability to deliver high-quality solutions for its clients.

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By focusing on the geological structure, miners can optimise resource extraction by ensuring that high-grade ore is not left behind or diluted. This can improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and increase profitability. Moreover, geological structure mining promotes a more sustainable approach to resource extraction. By reducing waste and improving resource efficiency, this method can also help minimise the environmental impact of mining operations.


Open-pit mining and civil infrastructure

Open-pit mining

Tailings construction

Crushing & screening

Road construction

Rail-road construction