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Engineering, construction, asset management & contract mining ventures 

From a mine engineering consultancy to a diversified engineering, construction, collaborative mining and turnkey asset management company

Does your contractor have access to expertise and resources to guarantee a successful outcome of your project?

We provide specialised project implementation and administration to the global mining industry and have done so for 25 years. We add value to every stage of the project lifecycle in delivery of the built environment. From the first estimate to the final account, our complete project execution and control engineering solutions work seamlessly together, providing arguably the most powerful and innovative solution to meet your business needs. 




"Little did we know that our company's business model would become key to how flexible we are to service customers globally."

Our expertise comprises of a unique blend of former; open-pit contract mining management, senior OEM operations management, technical mining and construction expertise, as well as advisors to mining executives and boards.

Is a project delivery method wherein the project owner appoints a firm to offer consultation on the feasibility and constructibility of a project. Often, the owner employs the same contractor to complete the actual construction. In this method, the collaborative contractor assumes two roles. First, they act as project management consultants, offering advice and technical assistance to the owner and collaborating with the owner's team to create a design that aligns with the owner’s budget and schedule. Second, they act as legal contractors assuming the risk of assembling a team of sub-contractors / OEM's to complete the project in accordance with the collaborative commercial agreement.

Spurred by our mission to complete projects on time and within budget, simultaneously assist in building world-class mining teams in developing countries, we identified the need for support by Centres of Excellence. Based upon a history of 25 years of mining project delivery experience gained during complex operational improvement and turnaround assignments, it became apparent that our business model is unique and one of the most cost-effective models on the market. Besides the abovesaid, a comprehensive viability has concluded that through sponsorships, research and contribution of organisations and suppliers, will further improve our value add to our customers. Consequently, in 2021, we established our first MPC CoE in South Australia, with the intention to establish similar centres in countries where the need arises. At our Mining Project Centres we:

Help our clients to deliver projects on time & within budget 

Do online training, workshops, explore and brainstorm

Apply processes & solutions delivered with success 

Use state of the art technology, hardware and software

Research, investigate, test & develop new solutions & systems 

Did you know

   Contractor, construction & asset management services were part of TacminMadini's service offering since onset.

   The above services were executed by our mine engineering consultancy firm on a project management consultancy basis. 

   In addition to the above we now also perform collaborative contract delivery types under TacminMadini International.

   Numerous of our mining customers have and continue to employ us during a company restructuring.

   TacminMadini's construction and contractor management involvement is favoured by most investors and financiers.

   We execute our services as part of the owner's team with a limited number of expertise.

   Our success can be attributed to a unique blend of experience coupled with the latest technology in data collection and analysis.

The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is “people”.

We are always looking for entrepreneurial and dynamic individuals to join our firm. In addition to creative and lateral thinking as an intellectually curious mind, we expect strong analytical skills, the ability to structure complex tasks in a goal-oriented way and to deliver innovative solutions under tight timelines. A desire for travel and discovery is essential, as our job in supporting our customers gives us the opportunity to work worldwide. Tacmin Madini is an equal opportunities employer and takes pride in its diversity.